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Review of kt hawbaker-krohn, “I’ll Act as Lookout:” Trying to Read and Create Like an Anti-Racist Accomplice”

Thoroughness and comprehension: ➕

Stretching of creative muscles: ✔️

Using the right tools for the job: ✔️

Hey kt, thanks for writing this case for abolishing allyship. While the bulk of the article strides on skating alongside quotes and giving commentary, there were issues with the closing. While great to give the reader a collection of resources to explore on their own, it gave the appearance of a link-dump which usually never looks well. It’s the “well, actually…” of writing. The resources were placed at the end of the article with little context, which is a bummer because some editing would have made these resources shine.

When faced with this, think about ways you can align these resources with the writing. Is there an image you can pull and link as an article reference? Can you adjust the layout so they sit flush with a quote that shares the same ethos? If the reference stands on its own, is there a line or two of writing to give context to its inclusion?

Along with the closing, I’d like to call attention to this quote:

“It’s up to White accomplices to serve as lookouts, to guard the doorway so communities of color can go in and do the work they deem necessary to their liberation. Sometimes we’re not invited (i.e. “Formation,” “Alright,” etc.).”

This was a strong statement to (almost) close on, almost pull quote territory, but I would tighten the structure to give it that final push. Here’s an example of a stronger edit:

“It’s up to White accomplices to serve as lookouts, guarding the doorway for communities of color to work towards their liberation. While you guard that doorway, remember that you might not be invited in, and be okay with that fact.”

The great thing about writing online is using links as meaning modifiers and “punctuation”, so use it to your advantage.