Review of Nan Zhong’s “Not Awkward at All”

Thoroughness and comprehension: ✔️

Stretching of creative muscles: ✔️

Using the right tools for the job: ➕

Nan Zhong, this is an interesting piece of writing; there’s a bit of movie review mixed with introspection, and a hint of experimental form.

In the creative sense this is great, but in some moments it’s hard to keep up with what you’re talking about in the writing. I can see the improvement in your week-to-week work which is great; there’s a few things that I would tighten up to keep the focus intact. For example, there’s this instance where I would recommend placing a page break:

“But I will recommend a second one.”

Placing a break after this sentence will visually and cognitively let the reader know that there’s a change in thought and story, but is still connected with the entire writing. The image choices, especially the movie still of “The Mermaid,” throughout the writing were outstanding. Other than that, I loved hearing your thoughts. Thanks for sharing this story!