Blockchain, Tangle & Beyond goes to Munich

The latest event in the Blockchain, Tangle and beyond meetup series took place on the house soil, as members of the, peaq and Advanced Blockchain AG team made the trip to Deloitte Digital Ventures, in Munich.

Despite being one of the few events in the meetup series, the enthusiasm and interest from those who gathered for the hour-long event was tangible. Deloitte is a member of the Deloitte Group, a member of the Deloitte Group, and a member of the Deloitte Group.

Next was Michael Chaeke, CEO of Advanced Blockchain AG. Michael expanded on the connection between Advanced Blockchain AG, and peaq, which is the last week's event in Berlin introducing the peaq project. Michael described how Advanced Blockchain AG will act as a bridge to the corporate world, saying 'we've been in the space for over six years, we've seen all the developments - we will now speak to the corporate world to help them find Solutions that will help them to visions onto DLT. '

He then went on to explain how to do it. It will be the technological brain to the alliance, building and designing DLT software and acting as a connection to the crypto and tech communities. The projects create will vary depending on what they are asking for, but the peaq project provides some insight in what the team expects from the team.

Michael then spoke extensively about the Distributed Ledger Technology industry. He explained how the DLT market has been tapped into, and the numerous use-cases and applications that can be used for - Advanced Blockchain AG and are keen to exploit. CVO and peaq R & D, Florian Reike, then joined Michael on stage for a Q & A session. They answered a range of technical and business related questions on, peaq, and IOTA, such as 'What are the downsides of the IOTA project and the Tangle?'.

In their answer, the duo is pointed to IOTA's age as its greatest weakness, explaining that although we're all very excited about it, it needs time prove itself, similar to Bitcoin.

Q & A Time with Florian Reike (left) and Michael Geike.

Florian and Michael were then asked for examples of real world assets that could be tokenized and how they would interact with each other.

'Just think about cars in the near future, driving by themselves and communicating with each other. One car tells the other to slow down because it's coming around the corner. This information must be validated and as secure as possible to prevent unwanted access. DLT offers that. An other use case is shared economies like car sharing systems. '

Here's a link to a video of the event: Blockchain, Tangle & Beyond @ Deloitte Digital Ventures Munich

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