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Going Beyond Blockchain

On Monday the 13th of November, and IOTA co-hosted the ‘Going Beyond Blockchain’ meetup at TechCode Innovation Center in Berlin. The event forms part of the world’s largest Distributed Ledger Technology meetup series, ‘Blockchain, Tangle and beyond’.

‘The biggest announcement we’ve had so far. ‘

— Dominik Schiener, IOTA

Guillaume Ballet (Ethereum, kicked off the meetup by discussing how the Tangle Network could be used to solve some of the most pressing issues with blockchain technology. Guillaume first introduced the concept of mining, before moving on to the hot topic of scalability on blockchain systems. He gave a technical overview of scaling issues with related to speed, fees, proof-of-work and computations, before describing some proposed solutions to these issues.

Left — Guillaume Ballet (Ethereum,, Right — Dominik Schiener (IOTA)

Guillaume’s presentation ended with a slide titled ‘Exciting times ahead’, a notion which gathered significant traction just a few minutes later as IOTA co-founder, Dominik Schiener, took centre stage and delivered announcements that will be sure to whiz through the crypto-world and beyond.

‘I’m really happy to announce that after 12 months, a really tiring 12 month process and more than $300,000 or so, we have finally registered the IOTA Foundation in Germany.’

Calling it ‘the biggest announcement we’ve had so far’, Dominik went on to explain how this would ‘truly be the stepping stone to the future’. The IOTA Foundation is the first non-profit foundation in Europe to be set up using cryptocurrencies and will provide a trusted foundation upon which the permission-less, machine-to-machine eco-systems of the future will be built.

Formation of the Foundation now grants IOTA access to over $100 million which can be used for research, development and investment in the kind of eco-systems IOTA was built to support. It also means that IOTA can begin to officially partner with entities all over the world.

Q&A at TechCode, Berlin

Dom then spoke in more detail about how the IOTA Foundation will be structured and how it will function, before taking questions from the crowd. He answered questions on whether IOTA is been tested without the coordinator and how to apply to the Eco-system Fund, before being asked about where he sees IOTA in two years time, to which he replied, ‘I definitely see us in the top three of all the projects in the space… but I don’t know where Bitcoin is going to be’.




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