#CWW — Skyfirst is the Cool Website of the Week 45!

Nicolas Jacques
Nov 7, 2018 · 4 min read

Each week we will highlight the interactive digital experience that has impressed us the most. Made by the advertiser or by an agency, in France or elsewhere, this section wants to show that the web can be cool again.

In this section, we usually focus more on retail / B2C companies (Apple, Mercedes, etc.) and only one to a B2B company (Google Cloud). Today we will focus on one of the most B2B industries ever: Business Aviation 👩‍✈️️

Welcome to the clouds! ☁️

The Brand:

Discrete, the business aviation market is bullish and its figures may surprise you 😲. Almost 10 000 units will be sold in the next 10 years, for a total market of 271 billion $💰worldwide. The US is the biggest market with 60% of the units, followed by Europe and by APAC according to this study from Jet Craft.

Sky First was created in 2011, own 4 to 5 aircrafts 🛩 ️ and is based in Malta, for obvious climate reasons, but also in Paris and London. They have around 20 employees and the company has been managed by its CEO Olivier Pedriel since 2012. 👨‍💼

The website: https://skyfirst.aero/

We created Naker because we felt that too many websites look similar and follow the same patterns 💤 To make the web cool again, we need to let our creativity imagine new journeys and new experiences; clearly Sky First is not the usual corporate website you are used to 🤩

After a short loader with the company logo, you start up in the sky, above the clouds (at 52 000 ft according to the smart timeline on the left). The clouds, probably made from nicely designed shaders, are moving constantly towards the camera, giving an immersive flying and speed experience 🛸 Some simple text content appears in the middle and you are invited to scroll down (or to select the “autopilot” for an effortless journey through the website.)

This is where the magic happens: scrolling down will simultaneously scroll down the altimeter timeline ⏬ and let us go down in the sky towards the ground as an airplane would do to land. Naker is conducting a study on more than 1000 3D & WebGL websites in order to identify some patterns; one of them is to create a vertical step by step scroll, pretty convenient 🤓 to let 2D content like text appear. Here, we have a hybrid alternative, with a continuous scroll down that let you through 6 clearly identified scenes (title, personalized travel, discretion, experience, performance, contact).

This is an overall very immersive experience and a smart choice for a different corporate 3D website that blurs the line between the actual service provided by the company 🛫(let you travel with a jet where you want) and the experience on the website 🛬 (travel in the air and land).
I would suggest that to add a direct access to the scenes if we need to see one in particular (via a header menu or directly on the timeline). Also, if the immersive part is a success, the experience is not that interactive apart from scrolling down. Adding more smart interactions 🎮 would add engagement and increase the conversion rate.

The Agency:

  • Dorian Lods is a young and talented WebGL champion, studying @ Les Gobelins. You can admire his own 3D website here and his Behance portfolio.
  • Hands is a creative agency based in Paris focused on the value of the brand and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives great projects.

We liked this website because it shows a B2B corporate website where 3D is just a way to create an immersive experience. They chose to create something different and it’s smartly done. If you want to reproduce it or try to create your own experience, launch our beta :)
Please also throw us an email to frisbee@naker.io if you are interested in the study 📝 we are currently conducting.

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