Our Top 3 Stock Image Sites (and One May Surprise You)

In the health and wellness industry, stunning images are essential for your website, social media content, and ads. There is a never-ending hunt for images that are on-brand (and that no one else is using) — isn’t it the worst when you find something perfect and then it shows up on someone else’s feed? The ideal scenario is to have your own private photoshoots, but most of us aren’t quite ready for the hefty financial commitment of a professional art director and photographer.

We recently asked our star designer, Seana Peele from Mediahabit, for her top stock image sites to see if we could scope out some new sources to share with all of you. Take a look at what she uses. The third one really surprised us!

Free Stock Images — Unsplash.com — Without a doubt my go to favorite for sourcing royalty free images. The images curated are beautiful, timeless, creative, and work well across many different industries.

Paid Stock Images — Stocksy.com — What don’t I love about Stocksy? Their images are fun, edgy, modern, and creative. You can create galleries of your favorite images, follow the photographers’ galleries, AND if you really truly have fallen in love with an image that you want all to yourself, you can license it for up to a year.

Styled Images Etsy.com — Yes, Etsy. You can find beautiful styled stock images by photographers that are still flying under the radar. What’s really great is that you can find photography of varying styles (not everyone loves my favorite pink peony) that work for wellness, health, yoga, and more. Note: Narrow your search results with industry specific searches (ex: styled stock photography wellness).

If you want direct access to Seana (and her brilliant, creative mind on your brand), she is currently serving as a Soulful Mentor in our Soulful.MBA online business community.

Originally published at namastream.com on July 27, 2016.