Happy New Year | Short travel destinations around Kathmandu Valley

Happy New Year travelers!!

New Year is a time for celebration and what better way for a traveler to celebrate this day than by travelling around beautiful places? So here’s the list of 4 short but beautiful destinations around Kathmandu Valley to visit during the time of new year.


Nagarkot is situated approximately 23 kilometer Northeast from Kathmandu. It is an outstanding hilltop with great views of the Himalayas and breathtaking mountain scenery. The place is famous for impressive views of sunrise and sunset. Hiking and nature walk can be other recreational activity the people might find interesting. The view tower is also one of the main attractions of Nagarkot and if the weather favors you then you can experience snowfall too.

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Another exciting place to visit during New year is Chovar. This lovely place inside valley has various places to explore. You can visit the beautiful pond Taudaha and spend time by feeding fish or you can explore places by taking a casual stroll around the village to find various local sites, eateries, visits temples and squares in Himkala or even lodges or hotels to stay in.

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Located around twenty three kilometers southeast of Kathmandu. This hill is 2759 m high. The way leading to the top of the hill is graveled, so you can take any type of vehicle be it a bike, jeep, car etc. which might take you about 1 and half to two hours. Or you could just take a casual hike through the hill which will take about 3 hours to reach the very top. It is a place where you can encounter variety of beautiful birds. If the weather permits, you can also enjoy the amazing views of the Himalayas.

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The next destination to visit inside the valley is Chandragiri hill. Chandragiri lies south west side of the valley and provides travelers with fantastic view of Kathmandu valley. The panorama view of valley makes you feel like you are in heaven. You can get to the top of the hill either by the popular way i.e. cable car or if you’re a bit old schooled then you can go for a hike to reach the Chandragiri Temple atop the hill. The Cable car ride isn’t that scary but it might be a thrilling experience for people who are afraid of heights.

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