API Documentation 2.0 with Swagger and Stoplight at Namely

Katie Reed
Nov 7, 2016 · 5 min read

A quick Google search on how to best document your API will return a myriad of tools ranging from framework specification formats to software that will generate documentation with a slick and aesthetic UI. This article will break down our experience and experimentation with these tools, and what ultimately led to our optimal final product: API Documentation 2.0

Part I: The Philosophy

Part II: The Specification Framework

Part III: The API Documentation Generators

The original API documentation hosted with Readme.io
Namely’s API documentation hosted by Gelato
The new and improved Namely API Documentation hosted by Stoplight


Namely Labs

Namely Engineering + Design

Thanks to Sam Corcos and Bobby Tables

Katie Reed

Written by


Namely Labs

Namely Engineering + Design

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