Mid-Level Developer

Names & Faces, Cape Town, South Africa

At Names & Faces, we build the world’s best people directory software. Our technology is simple, powerful and unlike anything that has come before it. What we’re most proud of is how what we’ve built contains none of the common traits of today’s social media apps — likes, pokes, endless interruptions and the many other attention grabbing techniques we’re all fast tiring of. Instead we’re building technology that aims to achieve one simple thing: to make people’s real life interactions with one another better.

Some of the companies we’re proud to be working with

What we’re looking for

We are looking for a mid to senior level developer to join our team to play an integral role in the development of our entire mobile and web ecosystem. You will have strong all-round capabilities and will be expected to play a leading role in the development of our React Native mobile app.

It’s important to note that React Native experience is not a requirement for this role. The language is new so we’re willing to work along side you as you learn. You should have considerable past experience in HTML and CSS and must have worked in python, node, php or other similar languages. Native Android or iOS experience is an advantage, but not a necessity. Above all, we’re looking for an individual who is excited to learn new technologies and is comfortable venturing into unfamiliar territory.

This is a unique opportunity for a creative, motivated developer who wants to join a start-up and is excited by the idea of being intimately involved with almost every aspect of the product we are creating.

You’ll work closely alongside our Product Lead / Designer. You will be employee number seven so expect an all-hands-on-deck environment, with the opportunity to give input into all aspects of the business. Over time you may also be required to take on additional technical responsibilities depending on your skills / experience. These may include React web clients, server management, API design and development, and database design and development, to name a few.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • You’ll be kind
  • You’ll be a good communicator and will care deeply about how you engage with people
  • You’ll have invested in your own personal and professional growth over time and will be determined to continue doing so
  • You’ll be in love with git, the command line and working in *nix environments
  • You’ll be proficient in HTML5 and CSS3
  • You’ll have some experience working with and designing APIs
  • You’ll either have worked with native Android or iOS, or be confident that you’ll be able to learn the basics quickly
  • You’ll be familiar with relational databases
  • You’ll be able to show us evidence of your work to date

How to Apply

Send us an email to hello@namesandfaces.co. In your email, introduce yourself and explain why this position is of interest to you, and why you would be a great fit. Include links to apps you’ve built or anything else that makes you look good, and describe your role in building those apps. (If they’re internal, you can skip the link part.) Please also send us answers to the following two questions:

  • What are your two strongest programming languages? Is there another language that you’re curious to learn next?
  • If you were interviewing a prospective candidate for this position, what would be a good interview question to ask to find out if a candidate really knew their stuff?

If you have a prepared CV, please attach it in PDF form. If you don’t have a CV because you aren’t even sure you’re looking to change jobs, that’s fine. An informal list of your work and education history are all we’re looking for.

We look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. If you’re not interested in or available for this position, but know someone who is, we would really appreciate it if you passed this along.

About Names & Faces

At Names & Faces we create tools to help organisations build fast, beautiful directories of people who others need to know. This helps people orient themselves, feel more informed and connected and encourages more real life interactions. What we’ve built is not a new social network — the world knows we don’t need another one of those — and it’s not a new communication tool. It’s the simplest, fastest and most useful people directory ever developed.
We’re based in Cape Town, South Africa. We’ve worked with a small but growing number of clients both locally and internationally including Ogilvy & Mather, JUMO, Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures (UK), Universal Music, Mediclinic, AMV BBDO (UK), Hilton College, Mandela Washington Fellowship (USA), King James, wiGroup, CHE Proximity (Australia) and Singita.

About Paul Galatis (Founder & CEO) and Richard Arscott (Partner)

Paul Galatis is an entrepreneur in the technology space. Along with his two partners, he’s spent the past eight years building South Africa’s most highly awarded e-commerce company, Yuppiechef.com. In 2013 Paul sold a piece of his stake in Yuppiechef to a US venture fund and stepped into a non-exec role and in 2015 started Names & Faces.
Richard Arscott has been in advertising for the past 20 years. He was MD of AMV BBDO, the UK’s biggest advertising agency, until December 2016 when he resigned to join the Names & Faces team as Head of the Foreign Office. Richard is based in London.
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