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Names With Stories

Sergey Leshchenko on discovering your purpose, running a business during war and how his personal struggles shaped his new startup

Today our guest is Sergey Leshchenko. Sergey is a Ukrainian entrepreneur with vast experience in both his personal and professional lives. After building a number of successful ecommerce ventures, Sergey went on a personal journey trying to find his purpose. He found money for the sake of money is not it. This is how Beverly English was born.

Short overview

Sergey shares what drove him to pursue a career of his own and become an entrepreneur in his early 20-s. He discusses how Beverly English came to be and why he decided to start teaching English and business behavior in the first place. We talk about how Sergey came up with his company’s name and why naming is essential for a brand. We touch on the challenges of doing business in Ukraine today and how the war has affected the business environment and people’s mindset. We go through Beverly English’s services in further detail and who may benefit from them.

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What’s in a name? We at MarkUpgrade believe that everything starts with a name. Names are introductions, names embody feelings and purpose, names give ideas and create vision. With Names With Stories we collect the unique stories behind brand names.

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