Introducing NamMi.

A geo-location app for local services.

Have you ever tried desperately to find a service close to you? Have you ever needed reassurance when trying to pick which of the many artisans around you to patronize? Do you like to recommend your trusted artisans to your friends? We do too!

ShareQube presents to you NamMi, a geo-location app that helps you find trusted professional artisans around you, as well as offers user reviews and recommendations to local services.

NamMi is designed to enable you accomplish the following through just a few clicks:

  • Locate nearby artisans 800m around you: Search for local services near you by selecting the artisan category on the map/list. Find their contact information including phone numbers, business addresses, as well as hours when they’re open.
Find nearby Artisan
  • Select an artisan based on user reviews: Many of us just need to know that someone else has patronized this artisan, and that the outcome was fantastic and that they can be trusted. NamMi shows you reviews from other users who have used the same service.
select an artisan
  • Rate, review and recommend a service to a friend: We understand perfectly the need to share amazing discoveries with people we love. Thus, you can recommend services you trust to your friends. You could also leave feedback for the artisan through ratings and reviews.
rate, review and recommend artisans
  • Add your service or suggest an edit: You can add your service as an artisan or suggest an edit to businesses that are already listed.

NamMi is currently available only in Akwa Ibom State.


You can download the app from the Google play store. Also, visit the app landing page to find out more.

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