A creative team shoot for Fast Company

3 Things to avoid when planning corporate photos.

Professional photography for your business is an investment. The images have a multitude of uses that can keep returning your investment. High quality images is an extremely important part of any business marketing goals. Not only can quality photographs increase sales and overall perception of the value of your business goods or services, but it has been shown that low quality images can actually have the reverse effect, damaging a potential customer’s opinion of you and turning them away from your business.

Here are some things to avoid to ensure your corporate images is up to the needed standard.

1. Asking your team to supply their own photos

Corporate Identity is not just about the branding and logos of a company, it also includes the way the team is represented. It is vital to have a defined style when it comes to team photos and images you use within your business.

When asking your team for photography, you are very likely to get

  • Shots from the past
  • Shots in different angles
  • Bad resolution

2. Using cliche stock Images

Avoid using images which looks fake and posed. These examples include:

  • two hands shaking to insinuate a deal being made
  • overly forced diversity shots
  • a woman smiling with a headset on ready to take calls
  • two people in business attire shaking hands while smiling at the camera
  • a group of employees around a conference table smiling at pie charts
  • group shots where all the employees stand in a line next to each other
  • the super-cheesy shot of a team high-fiving each other

3. Sticking to norms

It does not have to be a white background and your team in suits.

Think out of the box and let the photographer guide you to how it can be made possible.

At nanna, our project managers guide you every step of the way and make sure you get the perfect photographer for your requirements.