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My regular calendar is part of my garden journal and shows when it rained and when I fertilized. I save seed packets and plant labels as well. ©nan fischer

Use a Garden Journal for Garden Planning

The 2020 growing season starts now!

If your yard is not already buried in snow, go outside, look at your gardens, and draw a simple layout of the beds. Mark all the plants — perennials, shrubs, trees, annuals, and vegetables. Label the page ‘2020’ and use this to plan this year’s gardens. This is best done in autumn when the growing season is fresh in your mind still…




nannie plants is a small organic nursery in Taos, New Mexico. Here I occasionally post gardening tips and the history of our crops.

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nan fischer

Writer, thinker, reader, picture taker. Gardener, dog lover, earth mama. Unmistakeable introvert.

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