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5 min readAug 13, 2020

Since NanoWallet has been deprecated we give you the option to easily move your wallet to Nault, or any other wallet found here.

Nault is a community-developed fork from NanoVault with the aim to be faster and more robust with outstanding security. You can find a more detailed announcement here, where we discuss the motivation behind this project and the improvements we have introduced. Nault is both a web wallet and a desktop wallet but regardless of which one you use, it only stores your keys on YOUR device. It never sends them to a remote server or anywhere else. The keys are encrypted using YOUR password.

Switching is straightforward since the wallet seed used in nanowallet works perfectly fine in other nano wallets, or if you chose to sweep the funds into a new wallet. So we have put together a quick guide for users of all ability to follow along and make the switch in minutes.

NOTE: Before you continue, you need to make the decision if you want to use your old seed with accounts or create a new one. The old seed used in is stored encrypted in their servers, essentially protected by the strength of your password. You have to be aware that if that database is ever to be leaked there is a chance some seeds are not as safe as possible. For optimized security, it’s recommended to create a new wallet (seed) and sweep the funds into it. The drawback is you will get new accounts (addresses). On the plus side, if using Nault, your seed will only be used in your own device controlled by you.

Then select the corresponding chapter below, 2A or 2B.

1. I don’t have the seed and need to extract it first from NanoWallet

  1. If you are using NanoWallet but somehow have lost your seed or simply did never save it outside the wallet, please go to and log in. If you have 2FA activated, it will require an authenticator code from your phone and an app like Google Auth, Authy or similar. If you switched phone or deleted that app, you may be locked out of your wallet. The NanoWallet support may or may not be able to help you.
    It also requires you to validate your email if you haven’t been using it in a long time.

2. Go to Security, enter your password and SHOW SEED. Copy this seed and stored it in a safe place, preferably offline on a paper. You can use a paper wallet generator for convenience.

2A. Transfer the old funds to a new or existing wallet

  1. If you already have a wallet you can skip directly to 5.
    Visit (or any other Nano wallet that you prefer) and create a new wallet.

2. Chose to create a new wallet.

3. Write down the seed and/or mnemonic and continue.

4. Use a secure password (not 123456) and SET WALLET PASSWORD. The seed will be encrypted and stored in your browser’s local store.

5. Visit sweeper tool (or if you rather send funds manually works too as long as works).

6. Enter the seed for and select a destination. Either one of your Nault accounts or a remote account that you are 100% sure you have access to. If your old wallet has more than 5 accounts, change the end index accordingly, for example, 9 if you had 10 accounts. Doesn’t matter if it’s higher but if it’s lower, you will have to rerun it. You can do this in steps too, one account (index) at a time. START SWEEPING.

7. A notification will display the end result. Check if the amount matches or visit your accounts either in Nault explorer or old wallet to make sure you got all funds extracted. If you are unsure, save the output log for further investigation.

Sweeper finished
Nault’s account/block explorer

2B. Continue using the OLD SEED by importing it into a new wallet

  1. Visit (or any other Nano wallet that you prefer)

2a. If you have the seed on paper as a QR, it can be scanned using the QR reader in the left menu. It will take you directly to the “create new wallet”. Or just hit “Import an existing wallet” from the front page.

2b. Import seed from a text string

3. Set a secure password to be able to lock the wallet. It will lock automatically as well.

4. You are now ready to use the new wallet! If you had several accounts in your wallet they should be added automatically. If not, you find them under “accounts” where they can be added manually. If your account is missing (shows 0 balance), try adding a few more. It seems some people have found the correct account at index 2 or 3.


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