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5 Valuable Life Lessons I’ve Learnt From Working Out

Pain is temporary

Good things don’t come easy!

Building a company, starting a business, leading a change, having a killer shape, or a healthy lifestyle!

About three weeks ago, a new “law” was passed. Every FutureX associate must wake up by 6 am and workout for 2 hours.

As expected, the resistance screamed!

“They can’t possibly expect you to do that”

“It will be hard!”

“Remember the last time you tried jogging? You were in pain for days.”

Shutting out the voice of resistance, I decided to take on the challenge.

We started.

The first day was hell. I gasped for air, my heart throbbed in my chest, sweat rolled down my neck, and at some point, I literally shouted that I want to die.

One thing I noticed is, after each workout, the soreness and pain decrease so much that I sometimes do not remember it.

The more I worked out, the lesser the pain I felt

In less than 30 days of working out, these are the lessons I’ve learned

  1. Limitations exist only in the mind: Resistance can try to protect us from getting hurt, but it takes intentionality to resist the resistance.

This applies to every success we aim for or every goal we hope to attain. Impossibility doesn’t exist

2. Focus on the delayed gratification: Most times, we are easily swayed by instant gratification.

We get disappointed, tired, and frustrated if we don’t see the Abs, the weight reduction after months of working out.

But what about the confidence gained after each workout, the health benefits, and how creative we feel after?

We should rather look beyond the physical evidence of the actions we take. Its easy to fall for instant gratification in life, but most times its the delayed gratification that’s mostly satisfying

3. Feed on other’s success: What greater inspiration than seeing like-minded people around you?

The fact that others are so inspired and doing their best is enough to get you motivated when working out

In life, having the set of same goal-oriented people around is sometimes the extra push we need to achieve our goals.

4. Do What works for you: There are diverse people at work and I’ve noticed they all work out differently. Everyone has their strength and weaknesses. Some can go 60 pushups in a row while some can barely get 30 done. Knowing yourself and what works for you is essential. Resist the urge to compare your journey to others.

5. Put Consistency before Rigidity: There are days I don’t want to work out at all. There are days in life we feel tired and discouraged. The zeal to work totally absent. There are days I still go even though I might end up walking half the way. But just like working out, the most important thing in life is showing up at all costs.

“Great things never came from comfort zones “— Neil Strauss



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