Community Spotlight: Brian White of the Nano Center

Introduction and Project Updates

Hey everyone!

This week I sat down with Brian White of the Nano Center to get an update on some the projects they are working on. For more information on The Nano Center, visit their discord server.

Troy: It’s great to be able to catch up with The Nano Center again, you guys are doing great work for the Nano community, but first, can you introduce yourself and tell us your role at TNC?

Brian: My name is Brian White — you may recognize my face from the Nano trade discord where I’m a moderator. In August, I migrated over to The Nano Center to help support the network of amazing volunteers that is being built here. My role here is to help build a solid infrastructure and framework from which The Nano Center can expand upon. Much of my time at The Nano Center is spent connecting with the team on how their individual skills could be best applied towards our various projects going forward. The rest is spent building the organizational foundation for The Nano Center so that we may focus on the community and its projects going forward.

It sounds like you are quite busy! What is your motivation for volunteering so much of your free time to this?

The Nano protocol, developed by Colin and his team, is revolutionary and groundbreaking. Its potential is exciting and we have the chance to help cultivate an environment to change the way merchants do business, to alter the way the world views currency and perhaps most exciting, to provide a stable transfer of value for millions of people around the world who benefit from the advantages Nano provides. This coupled with the backing of an enthusiastic and supportive community; it becomes a privilege to lend a hand in any way I can.

You seem to share The Nano Foundation’s enthusiasm for the potential applications of Nano. Can tell us where you see The Nano Center fitting into the cryptosphere?

I think we have an opportunity here at the Nano Center to act as a catalyst for changing how people everywhere view and use currency. We’re rapidly growing at the moment and I believe we can continue to build and impact even larger communities as we do so. These things take time to grow organically but the payoff could and hopefully will be fantastic.

Can you let us know what projects you’ve completed so far and what projects you’re currently working on?

Last week we launched our Google Ads campaign. Jonathan, Jeff, and the rest of the team did a fantastic job designing our landing page and setting up the data metrics so we can analyze how to target our audience more effectively with larger ad campaigns in the future. We received an incredible response to the recent ‘Change Your Rep’ video competition and are looking at avenues to continue fostering the quality content being made by the community.
Internally, we are looking to redesign our website — we have an amazing team supporting this goal to bring us up to speed with the quality of projects that we have coming in. We’ve had some preliminary talks about possible projects this week that I expect will produce some proposals added soon. I encourage everyone to keep an eye on our website for new projects as they are announced. It should be a busy month.

That all sounds really exciting, and we absolutely loved all the entries in the ‘Change Your Rep’ competition, particularly the winning video and can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next. Nano is fortunate to have such an active and engaged community that shares the same passion and drive for bringing a global digital currency to the masses. The Nano Foundation is humbled by all of your efforts and extremely proud to share this community with you.

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