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Brian White
Jun 12 · 3 min read

I always enjoy being able to take some time and talk to some of the innovative and helpful members of the Nano community. This week was no exception when I sat down with Community Manager, u/RockmSockmJesus, and Natrium wallet co-creator, u/ngyekta, to talk about their new project:

What inspired you to create a paper wallet for Nano?

RockmSockmJesus: Well, I’ve always liked the simplicity of a paper wallet. As a non-technical person, actually holding a paper copy of my seed is very appealing to me. I hadn’t thought of making one for Raiblocks, but when the rumor was going around about a rebrand to Nano, I jumped on the opportunity to buy the domain. Since then, I’ve been looking for someone to help me make this dream a reality. Luckily, our community has very talented members like Yekta, and I was able to contract him to build this out.

Any future plans in the works involving the wallet or site?

RSJ: Eventually, I’d like to rotate in other designs and host paper wallet design competitions for new designs. Community submitted and voted on.

Choose your paper wallet’s personality

Are security stickers a possibility in the future? Do you have a plan of action if that becomes a reality?

RSJ: Yes actually! I plan on hosting them on and linking them from our site for people who want a bit more peace-of-mind.

Have you received any feedback from users involving your online paper wallet?

RSJ: Yes! I’ve received some feedback and suggestions for the site, though I need to promote the site more to get more feedback!

The site has a simple and smooth elegance to it. A feeling similar to when you sweep your paper wallet Nanos into a wallet like Natrium. Was that the intention?

Yekta: Although every design should be unique to its particular context, I try to keep a general style/mindset when designing stuff. Simplicity and ease of use would be at the forefront of this general style. So, I wouldn’t call it the intention, but simply a result of my particular way of designing things.

You’ve done great work between this project and your popular wallet, Natrium. What have you learned along the way?

Yekta: Thank you! I learned so much that not sure if I could explain all of it without boring people. To summarize, I learned about how interfaces should work and look, the importance of the interaction/applicability between a design and code, the general concepts of coding and the approach to coding as a whole, various frameworks like Flutter, Vue, Bootstrap, various different approaches to user interface and user experience. On that note, I would like to thank my coding teachers: bbedward, meltingice, renesq and coranos. Without them, learning how to code would be a lot harder.

Any future interactions between Natrium and that you have in the works?

Yekta: I have been quite busy with other projects lately, so I don’t have much time to plan different interactions currently. Maybe in future though.

Have you been working on anything else in the Nano environment you can talk about?

Yekta: I have, although I can’t give the details right now, unfortunately. What I can say is that we’re expanding our operation and we have exciting things coming!


Nano is a secure global digital currency

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Nano is a secure global digital currency