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Brian White
May 29 · 4 min read

Earlier this year, the Nano Reddit TipBot arrived on the scene. Joining an already robust and exciting tipbot community, the Reddit TipBot has quickly become a hit on the popular digital platform. Recently adding Nano Center donation capabilities, its quickly becoming a pillar of Nano community integration. With all of these exciting developments, we felt it only fair to shine the spotlight on Daniel (u/zily88), creator of the Reddit Nano TipBot, to pick his brain and see what he had to say!

When I published the TipBot, I wanted to de-anonymize myself a bit to be open with the community and to share my portfolio with prospective employers. Most people call me Daniel, and I am a (former) biochemist looking-to-turn software developer, living in North Carolina.

The story of how I was introduced to Nano, I learned, is a very common one! In mid-2017, a friend introduced me to cryptocurrency. I began making purchases of various coins, finally settling on Bitcoin and Ethereum. As prices skyrocketed, so did the fees for the transfer. After some further research, I discovered a set of feeless coins, including Raiblocks! I thought it was incredible — nearly instant and feeless with a completely novel approach to its design! Additionally and equally as important — the community and core developers were very active and positive.

I moved to North Carolina in October and found myself with a lot of free time. I am an avid homebrewer, so I began constructing a 4-tap kegerator for “personal use”. Around this time, someone had constructed a Lightning Network soda dispenser. I thought I could make a more useful machine, and demonstrate a killer use-case for native Nano Currency in the process. I had to learn the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO, familiarize myself with the Python module Kivy, and even brush up on electronics. Most importantly, this is when I learned how to interact with the Nano node. My graphic design friend created a theme and suddenly I had a fully functional Nano kegerator!

The story of this TipBot sort of has two beginnings.

Working on the NanoBrewed kegerator was fun, but a bit expensive with buying electronics and testing valves. Looking for a new project, I learned there was a previous version of a Reddit TipBot, but it had unfortunately never caught on. So over Christmas, I built a functional prototype. Initially, it didn’t really drum up much interest. I went out of town in January and soon after I was pretty close to abandoning the project.

Then, in late January, a moderator from /r/cryptocurrency247 asked if there was a functioning tipbot for Nano. The rest is history! Considering how close I was to leaving the project, I’m amazed at its adoption! As of today, we are at 1115 accounts, with 631 of those being activated!

I’d love to allow tipping by currency (!ntip 0.01USD), language support, custom subreddit/moderator features, default tip amounts, and donation functionality outside of Nano Center projects.

Now you can tip Nanos to your favorite Nano Center project!

The Nano Center is incredible for the community and the projects deserve as much funding as possible! Unfortunately with the TipBot, when tipping via the !ntip command, the tip always goes to the comment parent author. I wanted to make it way easier to donate to Nano Center projects whenever an announcement is made on /r/nanocurrency. I gave /u/rockmsockmjesus the ability to add in aliases into the TipBot, and now with a simple !nanocenter command users can fund their favorite projects!

The joke I like to make is Reddit adopts Nano as its native, defacto tipping service and hires me as the ‘Senior Technical Integration Advisor’ … and then people much smarter than myself do all the work!

My goal with the TipBot so far has been to avoid painting it as simply a demonstration or advertisement for Nano, but rather to be the best tipbot it can be. When introducing the bot to moderators, for example, I make sure to stress that it is first and foremost a fun and easy way to reward Redditors for exceptional content.

Long term goal: I hope to establish the TipBot as the best tipping platform on Reddit — perhaps competing with Reddit coins. I think Reddit would benefit immensely by accepting Nano for gold memberships or even tying cryptocurrency tipping natively into their platform. I know they have a history with Bitcoin, but its shortcomings in this use case are all addressed by Nano!


Nano is a secure global digital currency

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Nano is a secure global digital currency