Weekly Nano Update: 6/18/2018

Wallet Updates, Bootstrapping Improvements

Hey everyone,

Starting with today, we will release a development update every Monday, so you will have a better look into where the project stands and where it is heading. This will be followed with additional weekly content, so you will know at a minimum when you will get updates on Nano.
First and most exciting, wallets are coming this week! Here are the details:

  • Android and Desktop wallets are coming this week; they will be open sourced when they go live.
  • Last week Apple requested additional info about Nano (as they do with all cryptocurrency submissions). That was sent Thursday. We are still waiting for them to take a look at it and approve/reject the app. As soon as it is approved, the wallet will be released.
  • There has been some great designs for the wallets posted by the community the last few weeks. Once the wallets are initially released, we look forward to collaborating with the community to provide a sleek design and implement desired functionality.

On the development side, the current focus is on optimizing the protocol to reduce bootstrapping times and improve syncing. The protocol has been made more robust over the last several months, resulting in initial syncing times taking a step back from where they were. The community has been a huge help in testing various improvements and spinning up fresh nodes to provide us data, as always our team would like to extend our deepest thanks to everyone’s commitment.

Lastly, we have received an allotment of 100 Ledger Nano S’. These will be distributed among the community through a series of giveaways, contests and rewards to community members for creating great stuff.