Weekly Nano Update: 7/2/2018

Test Network Online, KPI Event Info and Searching for Mobile Developers

Hi everyone,

Just a short update today covering a few things.

Test Network online

Last week the Nano beta network was relaunched. This will serve as a playground for developers to test on the network. Mica is currently working on getting a faucet up, but if you are looking to get started and need some BeNanos, send Mica a PM and he will provide you them. You can reach him via Reddit or Discord on the username “IcarusGlider”.

KPI Event funded

Our team wants to thank everyone who contributed to the KPI Event funding through The Nano Center. Having such a vibrant and dedicated community working towards growing Nano makes the project even more exciting to work on.

Looking for iOS and Android contributors

Since the launch of the Nano Wallet Company wallets last week we have seen a number of pull requests come in. We encourage users to get involved with the continued development of the wallets and are keeping our eyes out for skilled iOS and Android programmers who are contributing to the project.

Android Wallet Write-up

Please take the time to read Alex’s write-up on the Android wallet incident. Our team would like to extend a huge thanks to Alex for communicating his efforts back to the team, writing up a detailed description of the event and working alongside us to ensure the security and safety of the community while maintaining full transparency throughout the process.

We actively encourage and welcome security insights and audits. If you see something or have questions, please let us know by contacting a team member directly or at info@nano.org.

Ledger Nano S shipment arrived

The custom branded Ledger Nano S’ arrived today. We will begin distributing them among the community through contests and giveaways.

Bad Crypto podcast

Colin recorded an episode of the Bad Crypto Podcast, hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright, earlier today. I will be sure to post a link as soon as it becomes available.