Weekly Nano Update: 8/20/18

Finalizing v15, Stress testing, Voice of Blockchain Conference and Bitcoin Superstore

Version 15/15.1 Being Finalized

Version 15/15.1 of the Nano Node is currently being finalized for release. After version 15.0 was added to the dockerfile last night, we discovered additional debugging was required. Users who already downloaded version 15.0 have nanocurrency/nano:V15.0 locally, which would need to be manually cleared. To avoid confusion, we have changed the version number of the release to 15.1.

Due to the asynchronous nature of Nano, the Vote by Hash feature, which drastically reduces network bandwidth usage, will be activated on September 1st, 2018 at 00:00 UTC.

Thank you for your patience and to everyone who has helped with testing. We look forward to releasing v15.1 shortly.

Community Stress Test Results

Last Thursday, the community organized and carried out a stress test on the beta network. Our team would like to thank those who participated. Most participants reported average transactions per second of 70–90 over a thirty-minute period.

There were several impressive peaks in TPS shared by users who took place in the test. Our team will be working on better network monitoring for future tests, so the community will be able to more accurately follow along.

Overall the test went as expected. Upcoming changes including Lazy Bootstrapping, which had its framework built into v15 and will be included with the next version, and Vote Stapling, which is ready to undergo testing, will continue to reduce network bandwidth and other bottlenecks such as disk I/O.

Voice of Blockchain in Chicago

This weekend, Colin and Mica are attending the Voice of Blockchain conference at the Navy Pier in Chicago. Colin will be appearing Friday afternoon alongside Jimmy Song, Principal Architect at Programming Blockchain LLC, Marco Peereboom, CTO and head of New Systems Development at Decred, and Kyle Armour of Hedera Hashgraph on a panel focused on blockchain scalability.

I’ll be sure to notify the community with any information about streaming the panel as I get it.

Bitcoin Superstore Now Accepts Nano

This past week, Nano became the 8th currency accepted by the Bitcoin Superstore. The service allows you to shop at virtually any website with Nano by acting as a behind the scenes shopper.

For more information, check out the review by u/redmoqorro detailing his experience using the service, which you can find here.

Thank you to the Brainblocks team for working alongside the Bitcoin Superstore to get them integrated with Nano.