Five Years of Nano — A Look Back

Five years ago to the day, Colin LeMahieu made the first GitHub commit towards what would eventually develop into the working Nano protocol that we know and use today. Born as a solution to the inefficiencies Colin saw in existing cryptocurrencies, Nano is designed to address the high fees, scalability, and transaction times that limit the adoption of digital currencies.

Colin started Nano (then RaiBlocks) as a part-time hobby that became a full-time passion. Initially creating and working on Nano on his own, the once personal project has fully blossomed into a global undertaking supported by a core team of developers at the newly created Nano Foundation.

Since its forming in early 2018, the Nano Foundation has been responsible for pushing the protocol forward and supporting the Nano community. By keeping Nano incredibly lightweight and fast, and having zero fees, it can continue to empower its users to transfer value efficiently on a global scale.

To visualize all the progress to date, we put together GitHub development video that covers every commit made to the protocol to date. Enjoy!

Nano has undergone significant development since its humble beginnings. Credit to NightShade, Dream001 and @nanobasicsfor the video.

As Nano’s development continues, we would be amiss if we did not once again pause to thank the community for its continued efforts in supporting, testing, and building upon the Nano network. The number of projects, tools, and innovations created and utilized by our incredible community is humbling in its size. Community spirit and energy are vital for a project like Nano to be a success. We thank you again for your constant support, enthusiasm, and the personal connections we’ve made along the way.

Consistently inspired by the rate at which the Nano ecosystem is expanding, we can’t help but be excited for what the future holds.

Here’s to another five years of extraordinary progress!