Improving Nano Documentation

Earlier this month, we announced our intention to make significant improvements to the Nano Documentation. Our goal is to continually work towards the production of first-rate and comprehensive supporting literature as we strive to provide pathways for developers and enthusiasts to start interacting with Nano. Following internal discussion and a period of consultation with the Nano community, we are now pleased to present the updated resources at

We have focused efforts on consolidating into one primary location, standardizing the format and expanding the content where necessary. Additionally, utilizing a more dedicated framework, we can offer even greater accessibility and opportunities for developers to make contributions. If you are interested in assisting in the maintenance and refinement of the documentation, then stop by and join our helpful community members in the dedicated Discord channel, or fork the repository and submit pull requests directly.

Upcoming Features

The introduction of a new Upcoming Features section will give a home to some of the planned updates for future releases. This section provides the basic details and status of these proposed features, and the benefits they will bring to the protocol.

Terminology Updates

Accompanying this consolidation of the documentation is an important update in how we will describe our consensus mechanism and representative nodes moving forward. To eliminate the ambiguity attached to the term Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), we will now refer to the consensus mechanism more accurately as Open Representative Voting (ORV).

We are also making a conscious effort to simplify the language surrounding representatives; thus, Rebroadcasting Representatives will be referred to as Principal Representatives, reflecting their elevated position as consensus generators.

As always, these processes have been made easier and more productive due to the consistent help of our valued community. So thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm!