Industry Veterans Red4Sec Complete Penetration Test of Official Nano Representative Nodes; No Critical Vulnerabilities Found

Austin Ramsdale
Dec 21, 2018 · 2 min read

December 21, 2018 — In September, the Nano Foundation enlisted Red4Sec, a leading cybersecurity firm, to conduct a professional and comprehensive audit of the Nano protocol. The audit includes both a penetration test of the official Nano representatives and node software, as well as a full audit of the Nano consensus mechanism.

“When we began the challenge of finding a firm qualified to conduct a security audit, we were immediately impressed with the knowledge of cryptography and distributed systems possessed by the Red4Sec team,” said Nano founder Colin LeMahieu. “Our team is confident that we’ve landed on the best choice to aggressively test the Nano consensus protocol.”

Following the completion of the penetration test, Red4Sec reported that no critical vulnerabilities were found in the representative node software. The consensus algorithm audit is nearing completion and a full report is expected within the next week.

“At Red4Sec we always like to learn about new disruptive technologies and at this point, we are impressed with the innovative vision of Nano’s solutions for peer to peer transfer of value,” Diego Jurado, Co-founder of Red4Sec said. “It is a pleasure for us to be able to actively work on improving the security of the Nano protocol, in collaboration with the Nano Foundation, a company which is concerned with improving the security of all its assets and the experience of its users.”

About Nano

Nano is a sustainable digital currency with ultrafast transactions and zero fees over a secure, decentralized network. The Nano protocol was developed to be accessible and lightweight, with a focus on removing inefficiencies present in existing cryptocurrencies, making it ideal for everyday transactions.

The Nano Foundation is a non-profit organization founded with the purpose of developing and maintaining the Nano protocol while supporting the Nano ecosystem.

About Red4Sec

Red4Sec was formed by cybersecurity experts and security analysts with years of experience in ethical hacking, code, and cryptocurrency audits. They have an impressive track record with successful security audits on several high-profile blockchain projects.

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