Introducing Our Newest Community Manager!

The Nano community is an incredibly vibrant and active gathering of people from all around the world who share the bold ambition of making Nano a global digital currency. With user-friendly platforms designed for the sharing of content, ideas and projects, we try to set the stage for this wonderful community to flourish as much as possible.

But our efforts are just a drop in the ocean without having involved and uniquely skilled Community Managers(CM) and moderators to guide and engage our community. They are truly what make it great. So we proudly introduce one of the most prolific and meticulous members or our community, #Joohansson, as our newest CM!

As the creator of NanoLinks, an enormous library of links to Nano services and resources, he has displayed an impressive level of devotion to the never-ending task of indexing everything Nano(there is A LOT). In addition to this, #Joohansson has shown great dedication in moderating our subreddit and providing great tools and guidance to both new and veteran moderators.

His commitment, good nature, and talents make him an excellent fit for the Nano community, and he joins an already fantastic team of Nano CM’s.

Welcome aboard the good ship Nano!