Introducing the Nano Bug Bounty Program

HackerOne Program Now Open to Public

As many of you know, we have run a private bug bounty program run through HackerOne over the last few months.

Today we are excited to announce that the bug bounty program is now open to the public for anyone to inspect the code and report bugs in the Nano protocol as well as the wallets developed by the Nano Wallet Company. If you are interested in participating, sign up with HackerOne, inspect any of the code bases, and report bugs you come across.

While the Core Team continues to pursue an individual or group to perform a professional security audit of the protocol, it is important that the community is able to contribute to the network’s security by reviewing protocol and wallet code.

Let’s all help make Nano more secure together.

We look forward to your contributions.

You can find the Nano Bug Bounty Program at

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