Nano Digest — Earn Nano, Counter-Strike: Go Nano, NanoQuake, Atomic Wallet AMA Summary

Andy Johnson
Mar 24 · 3 min read

As the world continues to adjust to a fast-moving situation, and more of us will be spending time at home, we think it’s a good time to remind everyone of the progress and growth of the Nano ecosystem over the previous two weeks. We’ll take a look at the recent AMA with the Atomic Wallet community, a new resource dedicated to helping users Earn Nano, and catch up on developments in Nano gaming.

Earn Nano

The Nano ecosystem provides a wide range of avenues for users to put Nano into their digital wallet, without having to put their hand in their physical wallet. A variety of free faucets underpinned the early opportunities to earn Nano, but as development has expanded over recent months and years, there are more and more interactive ways to obtain some Nano.

Earn Nano is a new website that brings all of these opportunities together in one place, signposting users to a collection of services, interactive games, and platforms all offering Nano payouts.

If you like to earn a little Nano in your spare time, then check out Earn Nano — there are probably more ways to do so than you think!

Nano Foundation AskMeAnything with Atomic Wallet

Colin LeMahieu and yours truly sat down with the Atomic Wallet community on Telegram last week for a busy Q and A session. It was an excellent opportunity to connect with new users and help present all the great things Nano has accomplished over the last two years.

We took our time to answer as many questions as possible from the 100+ submitted by the 2000 members active in the chat.

If you missed the conversation and want to catch up, we have brought together the full list of answered questions here for your convenience:

Atomic Wallet is a popular digital wallet that offers multi-currency support, hosts its own representative node, and is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

CS: GO Nano

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, released in 2012 and still one of the most played shooters in the world, has been given the Nano treatment. Players are now able to download the free-to-play game, register their username and Nano address, then hop into the action and start getting paid to play!

Based on the Arms Race game mode, players receive a Nano reward for winning the game by getting the final kill with the golden knife.

Full details on how to get set up and start playing are available on Earn Nano.

NanoQuake 24 hour tournament results in

After announcing the first 24-hour NanoQuakeJS tournament last week, the popular integration saw an influx of players competing for a share of the 250 NANO prize pool. The servers were pumping, and all enjoyed the frantic non-stop fragging.

Players received real-time payouts for their in-game performance, and the overall winners took home their share of the overall prize pool:

Congratulations to the prize winners and a huge thanks to the NanoQuakeJS team for putting on the event. If you want to experience the pleasure of earning Nano while Rai-gunning people, then give it a try right now!

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