Nano Digest — Festive Trees, WeNano, Pay with Nano, Coin News Extra and more!

Andy Johnson
Dec 29, 2020 · 4 min read
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We have seen a recent explosion of activity around Nano, with a rush of new Nano-friendly businesses and festive projects capturing the imagination of the Nano community!

WeNano in Orbit

The team at WeNano has continued to expand its collective reach around the world, and recently shared an update with their community celebrating their progress made so far.

There is no doubt that the Nano community have taken WeNano by the reins. From Treasure hunts across Brazil to dedicated campaigns on social media all designed to expand the userbase, it’s no surprise that the efforts are helping Wenano grow.

The team shared that recent efforts have pushed the growing user count over 10,000, with the app is seeing significant usage with over 2,500 spots paying out a total of 12,000 since release.

Running for the last few weeks, keen-eyed WeNano users have spied the new dynamic spot, charting the International Space Station's path. Users can claim free Nano when the ISS is overhead. This has become one of the most active spots in the entire ecosystem and seen generous support in the donations it has received from the community.

WeNano business is also beginning to build momentum worldwide, with a steady stream of new merchants entering the WeNano ecosystem. By registering their Nano-friendly business on the WeNano map, they can build campaigns to promote their business using Spots, while ensuring WeNano users know exactly where they can spend their Nano locally.

Nano Xmas Trees Have Sprouted

As the festive season sets in, it’s time to celebrate a treasured community charity project. For the second year running ambassadors from the NanoCenter have installed a Nano-controlled Christmas Tree at The Pixel Bar, Leeds’ premier nightlife spot.

Visit the website to give it a try for yourself!

Every time a digital donation is made, the tree lights will change and is a great way to show how easy Nano is to use while supporting local communities.

The project has also inspired participation from much further afield. To show solidarity, a group of Italian Nano enthusiasts have shared their own unique interpretation of the tree, which also has a practical demonstration of how Nano is faster than the competition!

In the run-up to Xmas, we often consider the hardships faced by people facing the upcoming Winter and season of “Goodwill”, with this year providing even more challenges for those already facing adversity.

After successfully raising over £500 for the charity in 2019, both Xmas tree projects will donate all proceeds to Simon on the Streets, who work across Leeds, Bradford, and Huddersfield, providing front-line emotional and practical support for those who identify as homeless.

Coin News Extra

We have seen the digital money space blossom in Africa throughout 2019, and Foundation efforts to ensure that Nano is well represented in the discussion about which direction countries on the continent will take in leveraging the technology. Nano Foundation chief operating officer, George Coxon and founder Colin LeMahieu recently sat down with the Coin News Extra team to talk about the incoming payment revolution and the role and relevance of decentralized solutions both now and in the future.

African users have reported that earning Nano via a range of services is very popular. With the ever-increasing range of relevant and affordable products at Coinsbee and PlayNano now available, Nano is building the right foundations across Africa.

New Business Accepting Nano

With the impact of WeNano Business being felt, we’ve seen the addition of a steady stream of new merchants beginning to accept Nano around the world.

Abel Costa Art Studio, based in Portugal, is one such merchant. Digital artworks are now drawn remotely as local restrictions have affected their ability to create live caricatures. To ensure they retain as much revenue as possible, the business now accepts Nano!

Another new business helping Hyderabadis discover the virtual world through state of the art equipment is the VR Gaming Cafe in Hyderabad, India. At their original take on the modern internet cafe, customers can pay Nano directly when booking their experience.


And as the world starts to move back towards normal, Travala is offering 10% off their travel gift cards, which can be redeemed across the millions of locations offered by their partners, Expedia, and Agoda.

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Image for post has a wide range of useful apps and integrations. With dedicated web app and media server dashboards and integrations with familiar services, is a useful cloud-based service that offers remote solutions to downloading files on the internet.

The team at offers a 20% discount across the board to everyone paying via their native Nano integration.

Any links to third-party products, services, or sites are only for informational purposes and are not an endorsement of the same. Nano Foundation disclaims any and all liability for the acts, omissions and conduct of any such third parties, and for the operation, accuracy, legality and content of their products, services or site. Any questions regarding third-party material should be directed to that party.


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