Nano Digest — Nano Community Project Award, Binance Fiat Onramp, Bidali Spotlight

Andy Johnson
Mar 10 · 4 min read

In the latest Nano Digest, we share the announcement of the Nano Community Project Award, spend some time with payment solution provider Bidali, and tune the community into PoW difficulty changes coming in V21 Athena.

Announcing the Nano Center — Nano Community Project Award (NCPA)

Last week we were delighted to share the announcement of the Nano Community Project Award (NCPA), in collaboration with the Nano Center.

The Nano Center, created in 2018, is a community-led initiative working primarily for crowd-funding and execution of community projects. Their body of work covers the creation of Nano-related services, apps, educational resources, meetups, and other creative uses of Nano, all helping drive adoption as global digital money.

To help support the Nano Center to continue with and expand upon its incredible work, the Nano Foundation has committed to providing a consistent monthly contribution moving forward.

We are excited to be collaborating with the Nano Center and look forward to continuing to build out the Nano ecosystem alongside them.

Binance provides Nano fiat onramp

Binance now offers direct purchases of Nano with Visa and Mastercard via their newly launched Buy Crypto page. Users can make credit card purchases in USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, or JPY and purchased Nano is deposited into a user’s Binance wallet within minutes.

We would like to thank Binance for providing another convenient way for users to access Nano digital money.

PoW difficulty changes coming to V21 Athena

With the next version of the Nano node software, V21 Athena, on the horizon, we recently announced intended changes to Proof of Work difficulty.

Awareness of these difficulty changes is important to all service operators and application developers who work with Nano transactions, so our development team provided an in-depth article to explain the changes.

Nano uses a small Proof of Work calculation with each transaction to limit the rate at which transactions can be broadcast to the network. The difficulty levels of the calculations were set 4 years ago, at a time when GPU and CPU capabilities were less than they are today, and have become increasingly less effective. These changes will tune the difficulty in a way that adds additional network protection while maintaining a reasonable effort level for average users and services on the network.

Community members and developers are invited to discuss on Discord or in the forums if they have any feedback or thoughts on the Proof of Work difficulty changes.

Spotlight on Bidali

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Erik Kryski, CEO of Bidali, a full-stack payment solution provider allowing users to buy gift cards, phone top-ups and pay bills from over 800 top brands.

Following the integration of Nano into their spending platform, we got to know a little more about why Nano stands out as a viable payment solution and understand the other services offered by Bidali. We also talked about the remaining hurdles facing digital currency, and Erik shared his thoughts on how he believes we can overcome them.

Spend Nano on a range of gift cards and top-up services at Bidali

Keep an eye out for other ecosystem spotlights and feel free to let us know which Nano-related services or websites you would like to see us take a closer look at in the future!

Any links to third party products, services or sites are for informational purposes only and are not an endorsement of the same. Nano Foundation disclaims any and all liability for the acts, omissions and conduct of any such third parties, and for the operation, accuracy, legality and content of their products, services or site. Any questions regarding third-party material should be directed to that party.


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