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Andy Johnson
Oct 14 · 8 min read
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In this month's digest, we celebrate the expansion of the Nano Foundation Advisory board with the addition of Deepa Mardolka and our new membership with the Financial Technology Service Provider’s Association of Uganda.

We’ll guide you through a plethora of updates in the Nano ecosystem, including two major product launches, the highly anticipated full Android version of the popular WeNano app, and a new digital tool that every entrepreneur needs in their back pocket, WeNano Business.

Also, our commercial partners have served up some new ways to spend Nano, with the addition of Evolution Host, Coinsbee expanding mobile top-up and data products, and a nod to the significant boost to Travalas accommodation inventory due to their recently announced partnership with Expedia and Agoda.

We’ll also bring you up to speed with recent the most recent Athena network update, winner of the September NCPA award, and give a salute to the sunset of

Deepa Mardolkar Joins the Nano Foundation

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Deepa Mardolkar has joined the Nano Foundation as the Chair of the Advisory Board and will help to identify, structure, and scale use cases across the growing community of users, as well as with partner organisations looking for the cutting-edge instant settlement solutions that Nano provides.

Having worked for a multitude of leading European and global businesses across retail finance and stored value payments, in multinational organisations such as American Express, GE Money, Capital One, and Amazon, Deepa has set her sights on initiatives that deal with the social side of money.

“In a world where operating costs can cripple micro-transactions, Nano is unique in that there are no inherent fees for settling transactions. In this, it provides cost-efficiency as well as instant settlement for users, with all the advantages of an open-loop network.” — Deepa Mardolkar

While her focus is on new social applications of Nano, Deepa will also draw on her experience to explore how the technology can improve outcomes for users of traditional payment channels that are prohibitive and unfairly penalize users the least equipped to afford them.

To find out more about what motivates Deepa, and her work at the Nano Foundation, you can read her Spotlight Interview here.

Welcome to the team Deepa!

Nano Foundation becomes a member of FITSPA

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Following the rising adoption of digital money across the African continent, the Nano Foundation is delighted to announce that we are now a certified member of the Financial Technology Service Provider’s Association of Uganda.

As the use of digital assets continues to gather pace across Africa, we’re eager to build on the existing awareness of Nano across the continent and continue our work to support growing communities and use cases.

FITSPA helps to nurture the growth and relationships between the homegrown Ugandan fintech community and global institutions operating in Uganda. The Nano Foundation’s presence within the association means a seat at the table alongside future digital disruptors, helping us to better connect with African entrepreneurs and businesses that have the power, knowledge, and courage to effect change within the Ugandan fintech arena.

Please join us as we extend a warm welcome of FITSPA to the Nano Community, together we aim to lay the foundation required for Nano to evolve as an accessible go-to digital money solution for the people of Uganda!

Updates from around the Nano Community

The team at WeNano are proving themselves to be unstoppable, following an exciting parade of anticipated updates and releases in recent weeks.

WeNano team are excited to be able to finally answer the question “Wen Android?” with an emphatic “Now!” — As the much-anticipated beta release of WeNano hit the Play Store, bringing with it a host of new features, including the introduction of Zones, lowering of minimum spot value and refunds on expired Spots.

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The social wallet allows users to set up Spots at physical locations, allowing people to find and earn Nano all over the world.

Stealing the show was the new Moonpay integration, enabling users to buy Nano directly from their WeNano app, using a credit, debit card or Apple Pay.

People in geographical locations such as the Netherlands, Venezuela, Brazil, and Nigeria who are hoping to raise awareness around Nano within their communities, now have the power to top up their account and local spots with ease.

Members of the Nano Community have been setting up Nano Spots across the world.

Donations to spots are currently based on the generosity of members of the Nano community who are fortunate enough to be able to share a piece of the Nano pie, encouraging the adoption of digital money across the world.

A huge thank you to members of the community who have contributed to the app and movement thus far.

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Amidst the launch of the WeNano app, the development team quickly recognized the importance of incentivizing businesses to use the WeNano platform to increase revenue and engagement and created a new app just for them!

Introducing WeNano Business - vendors now have the ability to set up password-protected business Spots on the WeNano map to encourage interaction with customers, run push notifications for in-store promotions, receive Nano payments and tips, and manage their Nano all from within the app.

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Business owners are now able to list their stores on the WeNano Business App. New signups are then automatically promoted to the community on Twitter.

With so much happening on the WeNano platform the team has shared a full update on the past, present, and future of the platform and what you can do to help them get there:

More Places to Spend Nano

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Specialists in payment cards, gaming, and mobile top-up solutions, gift card merchant Coinsbee have also added an astonishing range of over 1000+ accessibly-priced products to cater to a wider range of Nano users.

With extremely low minimum spends, users from all around the world can now access affordable and relevant products for their day to day needs.

Nano users across Africa, Asia and South America should take a look at what new products are available in your country today!

Evolution Host now supports Nano

Award-winning hosting provider Evolution Host has added Nano to its checkout, allowing you to pay for a wide range of VPS, game servers, and IRCd services with your favourite digital money — Check out their native Nano integration and a full range of products today!

Travala announces Agoda and Expedia partnership

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Staycations just got better! With consumer confidence in travel steadily increasing, Binance-backed online travel aggregator Travala has expanded its inventory by joining of forces with not one, but two global household travel brands, Expedia and backpacker favourite Agoda.

This latest move from Travala brings the total number of properties available on the leading blockchain-based travel booking platform to over 2,200,000 covering 90,124 destinations in 230 countries and territories.

Popular Retro Games spot, Pixel Bar UK launches Nano Arcade Space Invaders

Those who joined us last summer in London will have had the opportunity to play a few rounds of Space Invaders at the Nano Arcade, and now patrons of the Pixel Bar in Leeds can get their retro gaming fix and while winning Nano on the original arcade machine.

Following on from the Nano-powered Xmas tree project last winter, the popular gaming-bar is keen to showcase this coming together of old and new technology and continue to help people learn that digital money can be simple, convenient, and fun to use!

Nano Arcade: Space Invaders is free to play and high scores are rewarded with instant Nano payouts direct to the Natrium Nano wallet.

Athena Upgrade Update

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Nano node operators across the network warmly welcomed the recent release of Athena V21. With the overwhelming majority of nodes updated, we moved forward with the planned network upgrade throughout August. Distribution has now concluded, and all transactions on the Nano network will now use a revised proof of work difficulty.

Besides some users noticing an additional zero-value transaction on their account, the network is not affected by this upgrade, and users can continue using Nano freely to transfer value around the world.

Since releasing Athena v21, we have added some additional optimizations to work generation and node resource usage, and Athena V21.2 is recommended for all services and representatives running a node.

With the core developer team turning their attention to the next milestone node release, we’re excited to start looking forward to Siliqua V22, so keep an eye out for further updates! Announces Planned Closure

Over the last three years the team at (Originally known as have provided the Nano community with one of the most reliable, popular, and long-standing web-based wallets in the ecosystem. In their latest update, the team has announced its plans to gradually close the service in the coming months:

Users are encouraged to use to find an alternative wallet from a wide range of options that now support Nano.

The team is still committed to the ongoing maintenance of their Nano Principal Representative node which helps to underpin the Nano Network.

Good luck in your future endeavors, team NanoWallet!

Nano Community Project Awards Winners Announced

August seen the relentlessly energetic and creative ‘SonderDev’ secure the monthly award to support future work on Nendly, a novel social media site utilizing Nano.

September saw long-time community contributor Srayman collect the award for his extensive work on Nano-Faucet and accompanying network visualizer in addition to his significant role in the testing of new node features and implementations on the Nano beta network.

A big congratulations to the recent winners and thumbs up to the NanoCenter ambassadors who oversee the award judging.

Any links to third party products, services or sites are for informational purposes only and are not an endorsement of the same. Nano Foundation disclaims any and all liability for the acts, omissions and conduct of any such third parties, and for the operation, accuracy, legality and content of their products, services or site. Any questions regarding third-party material should be directed to that party.


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