Nano Foundation Appoints Deepa Mardolkar as Chair of Advisory Board

Andy Johnson
Oct 22 · 2 min read
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Deepa Mardolkar joins the Nano Foundation as the Chair of the Advisory Board and will help to identify, structure and scale use cases across the growing community of users, as well as with partner organisations looking for the cutting-edge instant settlement solutions that Nano provides.

“We are so excited to welcome Deepa into the Nano Foundation. She brings 20+ years of experience and a wealth of knowledge within the payment industry making her the perfect fit to help drive forward the adoption of Nano as a global digital currency,” said George Coxon, Chief Operating Officer at the Nano Foundation.

Having worked for a multitude of leading European and global businesses across retail finance and stored value payments, in multinational organisations such as American Express, GE Money, Capital One and Amazon, Deepa has set her sights on initiatives that deal with the social side of money.

Deepa Mardolkar added: “In a world where operating costs can cripple micro-transactions, Nano is unique in that there are no inherent fees for settling transactions. In this, it provides cost-efficiency as well as instant settlement for users, with all the advantages of an open-loop network.”

While her focus is on new social applications of Nano, Deepa will also draw on her experience to explore how the technology can improve outcomes for users of traditional payment channels that are prohibitive and unfairly penalize users the least equipped to afford them.

To find out more what motivates Deepa, and her work at the Nano Foundation, you can read her Spotlight Interview here.

About Nano

Nano is sustainable digital money with instant transactions and zero fees over a secure, decentralized network. The Nano protocol is developed to be accessible and lightweight, focusing on removing inefficiencies present in existing cryptocurrencies, making it ideal for everyday transactions.

The Nano Foundation is a non-profit organization founded to develop and maintain the Nano protocol while supporting the Nano ecosystem.

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