Nano Milestone 11 Released

Mar 23, 2018 · 1 min read

Universal blocks — Learn More :

Milestone 11 includes support for Universal Blocks to be turned on via a “canary block” when sufficient network adoption is reached. In the future, version 11 will be the minimum supported version, as it is the first version to understand Universal Blocks.

This update features 107 commits, across 69 files, from 15 contributors.

The version 11 release can be found here or can be run using our official docker repo at nanocurrency/nano.

Patch Notes


  • Support for universal blocks
  • Improved account history with new option to include change and open blocks, as well as pagination support PR#668


  • Reduced database space by ignoring duplicates for unchecked blocks PR#611
  • Reworked vote republishing rules to improve receive times #663

Command line:

  • Show the correct initial account after importing seed from the command line PR#637
  • Command to create database snapshots with compaction without requiring the node to be stopped PR#672

Various changes

  • Vote rebroadcasting is now prioritized by the stake they represent.
  • Support for watch-only accounts. This facilitates keyless nodes for deposits PR#581
  • Active votes are now broadcasted to newly discovered representatives PR#711
  • Bootstrap server improvements to client connection management PR#726
  • Fix a bug that could sometimes prevent bulk push PR#723
  • Updated initial bootstrap weights

Binary Hashes

  • Windows
  • OSX
  • Linux

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