Nano Node Version 14.0 Released

This patch focuses on improving syncing, bootstrapping and reducing network usage.

Thank you to everyone in the community who contributed to the code and assisted with testing.

The version 14 release can be downloaded here or can be run using our official docker image nanocurrency/nano.

14.0 Release Notes


  • Bootstrap connection cleanup (#912)
  • Improved fork resolution resulting in faster sync
  • Block confirmation improvements (#909)
  • Reduced memory usage during balance computation (239431) and block processing (772b05)
  • Added DNS resolution support for work peers (#865)
  • Simplify and improve performance of search_pending (#866)
  • Reduced network traffic when processing forks (5ceacb)
  • Filter out blocks already queued for processing (#883)
  • Improved wallet action queueing (#876)
  • Work callback improvements (604d78)
  • Wallet send respects generate_work parameter (06eee7)
  • Ensure work is generated when inserting new keys (34f21f)
  • Added stats for outgoing bulk push (#905)


  • Added option to force fork resolution in `process` (#892)
  • Removed unused transaction from `confirmation_history` (#903)
  • Added an optional use_peers param to `generate_work` (#862)
  • Various improvements to `account_history` (#820)


  • Statistics pane added in classic wallet (#864)
  • Updated ledger information (#902)
  • Various test-, logging- and code quality improvements
  • Removed canary activation code

SHA256 hash

  • nano-14.0.0-Darwin.dmg 34825dec5dcd63d55159100457b0011822973fa4b7af2ec4598d6471c63fa18
  • nano-14.0.0-Linux.tar.bz2 7a28695ee3a2f06cf4d580dfd5356cfe8b739796a3be9b68df306ccea2240a2f
  • nano-14.0.0-win64.exe 3e248b70a238e6264acfefbf6737a73158d6e07ce21d0d06fdb5ff4ce121b22d

GPG signature

  • GPG keys located in source ( /utils/gpg_keys)
Hash: SHA256Below are sha256sum hashes for version 14.0.0 releases.
Signature verification can be done against the signature for argakiig in the source code repository (/utils/gpg_keys)
34825dec5dcd63d55159100457b0011822973fa4b7af2ec4598d6471c63fa181 *nano-14.0.0-Darwin.dmg
7a28695ee3a2f06cf4d580dfd5356cfe8b739796a3be9b68df306ccea2240a2f *nano-14.0.0-Linux.tar.bz2
3e248b70a238e6264acfefbf6737a73158d6e07ce21d0d06fdb5ff4ce121b22d *nano-14.0.0-win64.exe
argakiig (Russel Waters)