Nano Node Version 16.2 Released

Provides a Stable Mac OS X build, Improved Searching for Large Wallets and Fixes a Peering related bug

Version 16.2 of the Nano node software has been released. This version provides a stable build for the Mac OS X, as users reported crashes with version 16.1.

Additionally, 16.2 contains an upgrade that will allow faster wallet searches for wallets with a large number of accounts, usually exchanges or other related services.

Finally, a rare issue causing network peers to be incorrect has been patched.

The version 16.2 release can be downloaded here or can be run using our official docker image nanocurrency/nano.

Release V16.2

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • std::thread to boost::thread #1289
  • Improve pending & unchecked search performance #1288
  • Allow watch-only accounts json import #1211

Fixed bugs:

  • Add mutex around peers.get<T>() #1291