Nano Selected as an Official Gold Label Project by Binance Info

Nano is the 24th Project to be Verified

The Nano Foundation is pleased to announce that Nano has been selected as an official “Gold Label Project” by Binance Info. The Binance Gold Label Project was launched to provide comprehensive, up to date information on cryptocurrency projects.

Through Binance Info, Nano supporters and Binance users can learn more about the project, while staying current with the latest news, updates, and releases.

“We are honored that Nano is named a Gold Label Project by Binance Info,” said Colin LeMahieu, Founder of Nano. “The transparency required by Binance Info is in line with the high standards held by the Nano Foundation. We look forward to utilizing the platform to provide the levels of information and communication expected by the Nano community.”

Binance Info holds projects to an unmatched level of accountability, requiring frequent updates and allowing all users to participate in the contribution and editing of project information.

“The Gold Label is not just about honor and recognition. We hope this project can promote transparency in information, raise the industry standard for quality of information, and help the blockchain space to mature,” said Head of Binance Info Rock He. “We believe in the power of community and in the choice of users. The trustworthiness of the Gold Label comes from the users.”

Nano can be found on Binance Info at