Nano Weekly Update: 9/10/18

v16, Adoption, and Video Contest

Version 16 Update

The 2nd release candidate for version 16 of the Nano node software hit the beta network last Thursday, September 6th. Testing continued through the weekend with no major hiccups and version 16 is being prepared for release on the mainnet.

Version 16 contains several code fixes and cleanups, including patching the bug which resulted in the Vote by Hash feature not rebroadcasting votes properly. Once activated, the Vote by Hash feature will significantly reduce bandwidth usage when running a Nano node.

Bitcoin Superstore and Paytomat Pushing Adoption

On Saturday, Bitcoin Superstore revealed that Nano is the second most widely used cryptocurrency on their service, behind only Bitcoin. This is another positive step as we move to increase Nano’s adoption and work towards Nano becoming a global currency.

Also over the weekend, Paytomat, a POS provider who has integrated Nano into their software, held a voting contest for the next coin to be added to their native wallet. It was a fierce competition but in the end, Nano came up just short. However, not all is lost! Due to the massive outpour of support from the Nano community, the Paytomat team has decided to add Nano to their wallet. You can check out a short video showcasing their POS device below.

The Nanocenter Representative Contest

The video competition held by The Nanocenter has come to a close and the results were way above expectations.

We would like to thank the team at The Nanocenter for organizing and hosting the competition as well as everyone who entered and contributed these great submissions.

The 4 winning submissions are listed below (there was a tie for third place). Be sure to check the mail for your custom branded Ledger Nano S!

1st place, u/thunderFD:

2nd place, u/nouts:

3rd place (tie), u/Velomo_:

3rd place (tie), u/0yst:

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