Solidus Release Candidate 3 now available on the beta network

Andy Johnson
May 22 · 3 min read

The third Solidus release candidate, which introduces the new TCP overlay feature, is now on the beta network for testing. A number of bugs identified in the previous Release Candidates have been squashed, and we once again invite our community of beta testers to put v19 through its paces.

For more details on the version 19 features, you can checkout out or the .

Help us test

To participate in testing on the beta network, visit . We also encourage all beta node operators to join the channel on Discord. To increase the efficacy of the testing, we have prepared some specific instructions on areas which require more focused testing. These details can be .

We greatly appreciate the efforts of all our community members who help Nano improve every single day!

Change Log

Release (2019–05–22)

Major Changes:

  • Add support for realtime network traffic over the TCP port []

Implemented enhancements:

  • Fix off by one error in frontier req server []
  • Bounded active transaction []
  • Add severity logging levels, and send errors to syslog/Event Viewer (incl failed rollbacks for confirmed blocks) []
  • Framing support for realtime network messages []
  • Move common UDP/TCP channels functions to transport []
  • Fixing dynamic re-work and trend from elections []
  • Makes sure a write lock can be avoided when launching an inactive_node []
  • Send live network messages over TCP []
  • Backup config files when upgrading []
  • Reduce length holding read transaction open for in confirmation height processor []
  • Replace xxHash with blake2b []

Fixed bugs:

  • Fix TSAN error for the rpc.database_txn_tracker test []
  • active_transactions test cleanup []
  • Update test script []
  • Join threads in socket tests []
  • generate difficulty was passing hash by ref []
  • WebSocket fixes and improvements []
  • Set minimum difficulty for RPC “work_generate” []
  • Rename active_difficulty RPC response []
  • active_transactions.prioritize_chains timing fix []
  • Decrease logging level for “Reserved sender” message []
  • Fix TSAN error with test confirmation_height.conflict_rollback_cemented []
  • Remove debugging assert from socket []
  • use correct namespace to fix literal usage in active_transactions []
  • Fix load tester for mac with boost 1.69 []
  • Fix RPC secure build []
  • Fix test by disabling confirmation, as a result the block wont be con… []
  • Reinstate debug_rpc command []
  • Apply Blake2b AVX2 changes []
  • Clean up json upgrade code/unused variables []
  • Test peer caching on node restart []
  • Rewrite load tester in C++ []
  • Add unnecessary lambda capture to please VS2017 []
  • Show opencl device memory stats []
  • Fix UDP channels insert []
  • Update config path on macos/boost 1.69 []
  • Work multiplier format and RPC work_validate fix for lower difficulties []
  • Fix race when notifying bootstrap initiator listeners []
  • Finish up difficulty/multiplier semantics in RPC work_generate and work_validate []
  • Move io_threads to rpc process config node []
  • Add modify callback to prevent violating boost multiindex invariants []
  • Prevent (optionally) block processor batched writes from being logged by the lmdb tracker []
  • Add specific rpc process config options []
  • Remove unnecessary — debug_validate_ledger CLI option []
  • Version and allow_unsafe upgrade in ipc config []
  • No longer use bin & lib sub-folders in the installers []
  • Fix tests failing after PR#1939 []
  • Stop node when using an incompatible ledger []
  • Fix RPC block_create error getting overridden []
  • LMDB transaction time tracker []
  • Add work check for ledger::process () in Debug mode []
  • TCP socket rewrite with strand and queueing support []


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Nano is a secure global digital currency