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Feb 5 · 3 min read
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Hello again!

We’re writing this just over a month into 2021 and it’s looking like a lot of the crazy from last year has crossed over to this side of the holidays. Well, we’re here to tell you that one other thing that has carried into the new year is our drive to make the entire selection of WeNano apps and services better, while also introducing new bits and pieces to make the whole experiment a little more exciting. And we’re excited to announce our next little bit.


SpotMarket is a new way of customizing your Spot’s capabilities while introducing a brand new way of interacting with the fast, fee-less and eco-friendly money we all love, Nano. When you activate SpotMarket in your Spot, you are inviting your local community members to reach out to the other users in the area and offer up a product or service that can be bought with Nano.

The settings of the Market section are based on the settings of the Spot itself. The range to participate in a given Spot’s Market would be 3x the original range of the spot. All postings sent into the market can be reviewed and removed by the Spot’s owner or any of its moderators. The entire Market is completely optional to enable in a Spot, and a Spot that has SpotMarket turned on will be easy to find on the map with its bright yellow color.

There are two main reasons that SpotMarket is such an exciting addition for us:

  1. It will be a place to actually spend Nano to buy stuff in your community! Users have been getting payouts from Spots for almost a year now, and this will allow them to spend these Nano locally on something they need.
  2. It’s a way for people to get larger amounts of Nano without having to buy with fiat or use an exchange. This would be a more traditional approach to getting money.

Posting something for sale in the SpotMarket will have a small fee (0.001 Nano per listing), but one payout from any of the Spots should cover a decent amount of listings. We ask that everyone take the logical precautions, like only meeting in public/well-lit places and verifying the validity of a product or service before giving your Nano over.

We have also reduced the minimum Spot payout amount to allow for Spot owners to reach even more people and maintain an active Spot without needing to refill as often. We know that people like to tailor their Spots to serve specific functions in their community and we hope many of our users will enjoy experimenting with these new tools to customize their Spots. The widespread adoption of a new currency seems like a hard task but we believe that this task is best accomplished through local engagement within smaller communities. We hope that this can be a push in the right direction.

There is still plenty to do. We are working through our list of prospective additions to the WeNano feature set and, as always, on more and more optimizations to our in-app experience and security. We are proud of the experience we’ve created thus far but are even more excited about the experience we have lined up. We hope you will join us in-app to keep the WeNano experiment going and the Nano flying . . . or even floating in the middle of a fountain.


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