V21.2 Athena release available

Zach Hyatt
Sep 3 · 2 min read
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As we continue with improvements to the Nano node implementation we are releasing V21.2 to the network today. This minor release is aimed at providing optimizations to the work generation capabilities as well as a handful of fixes for node operation issues.

This upgrade is recommended for all representatives and services running a node. There are no breaking changes or impacts to integrations to consider with this upgrade.

Work generation improvements

Thanks to community members Jserv and PlasmaPower we now have a more efficient OpenCL kernel for work generation included in the node. For those connecting a GPU to their node to do work, this update will save on energy costs.

See the work generation integration guide for full details on doing work for Nano transactions.

Node operation issue resolution

Following recent increases in node resource usage on the network, we have identified and implemented a number of updates and fixes to allow better election management by the nodes. This will reduce CPU, disk IO and bandwidth usage in various network scenarios to allow proper node participation.

In addition, some minor bug fixes for RPC and CLI calls are included and an issue impacting node availability when sending blocks during heavy network traffic events was also resolved.

For binaries and Docker tag details, see the Builds and Commands section of the release notes.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in the Nano network!


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