Weekly Nano Update 1/29/19

Boulton improvements, #CMAD, Bug Bounty update, CoinStats add Nano and more…

Boulton 17.1 improvements

Following its release on 1/21/19, primarily to address inconsistent peer connection, node operators have observed a noticeable improvement in maintaining a more consistent connected peer count since upgrading.

Upgrading your Nano node to Boulton 17.1 is easy with builds found here. We encourage all node operators who have not yet updated to do so today.

Community Manager Appreciation Day

Yesterday we celebrated Community Manager Appreciation Day and created a special blog post to talk about all of our fantastic Community Managers. They provide an immeasurable contribution to the Nano Foundations efforts towards making Nano a global digital currency and we are eternally grateful for the role they play. THANK YOU!

We are also inviting you to show your appreciation for their efforts in this week's forgivably self-indulgent Thread of The Week. Hop on over and say a quick thanks if you have a chance.

Transitioning the bug bounty program

We are in the process of transitioning and updating our bug bounty program. Starting on January 30th we will be accepting submission of bugs for bounty consideration at bugs@nano.org. Similar to our existing process, the following details are required in each request.

Proof of concept with full details of the bug including:

  • Repository of the bug
  • High-level summary
  • Detailed description
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Supporting material/references
  • The potential security impact of the bug

The current HackerOne submission process will no longer be used after January 30th. Details on further updates to the bug bounty process will be shared with the community and included on the upcoming Nano.org website.

Coin Stats portfolio tracker adds Nano updates

The popular and growing cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app has recently updated its Nano related links to include all of the latest information and block explorers. Users may now turn on Nano team updates and receive the latest news directly to their app.

NanoTipBot on Twitter facilitating charitable donations

We saw #HappyKidsDirtyHands begin accepting Nano donations this week via the NanoTipBot on Twitter. The Nano network is unique in that it allows everyone to receive the maximum value of the transaction, as Nano is completely fee-less on the network layer. This is great news for charities and non-profit organizations looking to secure the most value from their received donations.