Weekly Nano Update: 10/8/18

v17 Update, Thread Tracking, CoinGecko Beam

Version 17 Update

With version 16.1 released, eyes turn now to the upcoming version 17. The developers have been working hard over the past few days doing code cleanup along with finalizing Lazy Bootstrapping in preparation for the first release candidate.

We don’t have a firm date set for the release of v17RC1, it is tentatively scheduled for October 12th, and so far there have not been any blockers. For those interested in assisting with the testing of version 17, be on the lookout for an announcement this week.

Thread Tracking

Last week, the developers took some time to label process threads within the Nano node software. Previously, each thread was named rai_node.

Updated threads with naming

Users can view the CPU utilization each thread is using, and how much time that thread has been runnable. The updated names correlate node activities to the current running thread and actively assist in finding issues or bottlenecks within the network.

Nano Updates Now on CoinGecko Beam

Coingecko.com has recently launched a service called Beam. Beam allows development teams to broadcast news and updates related to their projects across the CoinGecko platform, providing yet another outlet to introduce new users to Nano. Thanks to the CoinGecko team for their support and assistance.