Weekly Nano Update: 11/26/18

Blockchain4Europe, Weekend Discussion Wrap-up, The Nano Foundation is Hiring, v16.3 Released

Weekend Discussion Wrap-up

On Friday, we started a Reddit discussion where we asked the Nano community three questions.

  1. In your opinion, should a division of Nano happen? If so, how many decimal spots would you move and why?
  2. Nano currently trades with the ticker $NANO; ISO 4217 compatible currency codes require that they begin with an X. While we currently can use XRB, what do you think about changes the ticker to XNO? If you prefer another option, please share!
  3. Nano does not have a set currency symbol, internally we have discussed using either a bold, italic uppercase N or ₦, which is the symbol for the Nigerian naira, as a temporary solution. What do you consider the best option for Nano’s currency symbol?

The response was, to put it lightly, tremendous. There are currently over 300 comments on the post, many of which are in-depth arguments for any potential changes (or non-changes!). We still need to do some analysis of the responses, but from skimming through the post, the most common responses were:

  1. No change, x100, x1000
  3. N, ₦, Ñ, n, ⌾

Our team will be evaluating any potential changes internally before presenting them to the community for feedback. Together, we can work together to shape the future of the Nano project. Thank you to everyone who participated in the discussion, and we look forward to having more soon!

Blockchain4Europe Summit

Tomorrow, Colin will be appearing on a panel focusing on Tokenized Economies and Cryptocurrency at the European Parliment. The summit has confirmed they will be live tweeting the panel, be sure to follow along at @BlockchainforEU for updates. At this time we aren’t sure if they are live streaming the event, as soon as we hear confirmation, either way, we will be sure to announce it to the community.

The Nano Foundation is Hiring

The Nano Foundation is looking to add a Senior Software Engineer to our team.

This position’s role is to maintain and improve the protocol specification and node implementation so that they continue to serve as a secure, finance grade service.

For more information on the role, qualifications and how to apply, see the full listing at https://medium.com/nanocurrency/open-position-at-nano-senior-software-engineer-4fe8e6a1864a.

v16.3 Released

Last week, version 16.3 was released onto the network. This release addressed the issues the network was facing which were leading to nodes having high amounts of CPU and memory usage. Since the release, we’ve continued to monitor the network for any issues, but have seen great results with v16.3.

With the release of v16.3, nodes running versions prior to 15.2 have been de-peered from the network, as they do not understand Epoch blocks. If your node is running an older version, please update it!