Weekly Nano Update: 11/5/18

Blockchain for Europe, Current Development, Huobi Listing

Blockchain for Europe Summit

On November 27th, Colin will be attending the Blockchain for Europe Summit at the European Parliament. He will be participating in a panel on Tokenized Economies and Cryptocurrency hosted by Eva Kaili, an MEP representing the Social-Democratic party of Greece and member of the Economic Affairs & Technology Committees. Joining Colin on the panel will be:

  • Peter Kerstens Senior Advisor to Director-General (Co-Head of FinTech Taskforce) European Commission, DG Fisma
  • Alexandr Ivanov, CEO & Founder of Waves
  • Michael Parsons, Chairman, Cardano Foundation
  • Dirk Bullmann, Adviser to the European Central Bank Director-General, Market Infrastructure and Payments

The panel will focus on the tokenization of the global economy and what it means for Europe’s economy. Moderating the panel will be Theo Moore, Deputy Managing Director of APCO Worldwide in Brussels. For more information on the summit, visit https://blockchain4europe.eu/.

Current Development Initiatives

As previously noted, our team has begun the Epoch block network upgrade by releasing one Epoch block and letting it spread throughout the Nano network, upgrading active accounts. While monitoring the network for any potential issues related to the release, we have noticed periods of high CPU and memory usage.

As these issues first appeared around the same time as the Epoch block release, the current working theory is that if a fork occurs, old version nodes which don’t understand Epoch blocks will continue to ask for confirmation on a losing block. Because the block that depends on the Epoch block has already won, however, this results in significant amounts of unwanted network traffic.

One solution may be bumping up the minimum network version to v15 when Epoch blocks were introduced, as has been done in the past with the introduction of Universal blocks. Our team is working around the clock to diagnose and resolve these issues before moving forward with the Boulton release and addition of Epoch blocks to inactive accounts.

Nano now listed on Huobi Global Exchange

Last week, Nano was listed on Huobi, one of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms which currently offers more than 100 digital asset pairs. Originally based in China, Huobi is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and the United States.

The listing on Huobi comes at an exciting time for Nano, as current initiatives in Asia begin to ramp up. Stay tuned for more news on that front!