Weekly Nano Update: 12/10/18

Boulton RC#2, NanoBrewed, Huobi USDT Pair and More!

Boulton RC#2 Released

The second release candidate for the Boulton version of the Nano node software was released this past Saturday and is currently undergoing testing on the beta network.

There are still a few issues the developers are working on before the official main net release, and another release candidate should be expected. Currently, they are tracking instances of high memory usage by nodes and network confirmation times are higher than expected.

If you would like to participate in testing on the beta network, head over to http://beta.nano.org for information on setting up a node and join the #beta-net channel on the official Nano Discord server.


Nano enthusiast zily88, the creator of Nano Brewed explains:

Basically, a Raspberry Pi runs a kegerator Kivy app, which connects to a full node and also controls a flowmeter and valve. I only have 1 beer and one valve/flowmeter pair hooked up, but from a software perspective adding 3 more is trivial (and hardware isn’t difficult either). I just wanted to show this before going on vacation for a week. I wrote the software, brewed the beer, built the kegerator, and wired the electronics.

For information about how to create your own NanoBrewed, visit zily88’s GitHub.

Huobi Launches NANO/USDT pair

Last week, Huobi Global Exchange launched a NANO/USDT trading pair, offering traders yet another avenue to acquire Nano. This trading pair comes one month after Nano was listed for trade on Huobi. Our team would like to thank the team at Huobi for their continued support.

NanoQuake Trailer

In anticipation of version 1.5 of NanoQuake being released, ArranHarty of the Nano Center and Nanoodle.io put together a fun little trailer highlighting gameplay. To join in the fun, head on over to their Discord server and start fraggin’.

Thread of the Week!

Each week we will highlight one of our favorite discussions around Nano. This week’s thread of the week comes from Reddit user periostracum:

An effort toward decentralization, pt 4

Each month, periostracum sends small transactions to wallets of top 100 Nano holders who still use official representatives from a custom generated vanity account:


Last month, two addresses changed their reps, leading to 3.3 million Nano of voting weight being redistributed across representatives. Thanks to periostracum for your unique efforts to increase network decentralization!