Weekly Nano Update: 12/3/2018

Boulton RC#1 Released

Last Friday night, the first release candidate for the Boulton node version was made available on the Nano beta network for testing. As Boulton is by far the largest release in the last year, containing over 130 commits, it will spend an extended period in testing, as well as likely going through several release candidates, before being officially released on the Nano main net.

We want to thank everyone who is participating in testing and providing the developers with feedback. If you would like to get involved in testing, please head over to https://beta.nano.org/ to get started!

Binance Info Gold Label Project

As announced last week, Nano has been selected as a “Gold Label Project” by Binance Info. The Gold Label Project was launched to provide users with timely updates on projects, as well as trustworthy, accurate, and comprehensive information.

A unique aspect of the Gold Label Project is that information will be able to be submitted and verified by users on Binance Info. We encourage everyone to visit https://info.binance.com/en/currencies/nano and submit information which you think would benefit the project.

New Community Manager

We’ve recently added a new community manager to the ever-growing Nano team. Guilherme Lawless, better known as Dotcom, has previously served as a moderator on both the Nano Discord and Subreddit, and we are excited to have him join our current group of dedicated community managers.

Thread of the Week

As Nano has one of the most active subreddits, we want to highlight quality threads which have a positive impact on the project.

The first edition of the thread of the week features a post by Reddit user Laserwean, HowTo run distributed POW service using GPU on Windows 10, and contains detailed instructions on how to connect to the dPOW service created by the Nano Center. Thanks to Laserwean for putting together the guide, as well as the entire team behind the dPOW project!