Weekly Nano Update 2/11/19

Dolphin testing well on beta, Nano on Travala, Binance report and a guide to seeds and keys!

Dolphin Release Candidate 2 on beta network

Our community of Nano beta testers has been feverishly putting Dolphin release candidate 2 through its paces ahead of the main release. Preliminary reports show Dolphin providing a distinct reduction in confirmation times, and we are excited to see how this performance improvement translates to the main network on general release.

Swim on over to our Dolphin Deep Dive or surf through the commits in the Github release for more information on Nano node V18. To participate in testing on the beta network, visit https://beta.nano.org.

All of your efforts are valuable and help us make Nano better with each release — thank you!

You can book your holiday with Nano

Travala.com, a crypto-friendly hotel booking service, started offering their customers the ability to make payment using Nano this week. By utilizing the CoinGate merchant integration, Travala joins thousands of other merchants now offering the ability to pay in Nano for their services. CoinGate is a well-established payment platform offering convenient automatic settlement into fiat. This is a service useful for merchants wishing to avoid the current volatility found in cryptocurrencies.

Network issues at Binance

On Tuesday, we received reports of users incorrectly being credited Nano on their internal Binance accounts. After moving quickly to alert and work with Binance on identifying the source of the deposits, we were able to diagnose the issue and advise accordingly. For a full technical explanation of what happened, please consult our incident report.

Thank you for your reports, patience, and understanding this week. We are committed to exploring ways to improve our service communication procedures as we move forward.

Nano How — Thread of the week

Seeds, private keys, public keys, blocks, and signed blocks. Lost? Don’t worry, the vast majority of us are. Thankfully, among us, there are those with the rare skill to be able to translate and explain this type of information.

Nano enthusiast and prolific prototype producer u/jayycox has released the first in a planned series of back to basics articles designed to discuss some of the underlying principals of the Nano protocol. With refreshing accessibility, the most non-tech literate users will be able to build on their knowledge of how the protocol works, starting this week with Seed/Keys.