Weekly Update 4/29/19

Andy Johnson
Apr 29 · 3 min read

Last week was marked by the highly anticipated release of V19 Solidus on the beta network, SomeNano emerging with a new take on paywalls, and a new Nano network block visualizer was born! The community inspires us with their continued innovation and tenacity in maintaining a vibrant Nano ecosystem.

Solidus marches on to the beta network

Solidus made its first appearance this week as RC 1 was released on the beta network! Packed full of substantial updates and improvements to the node, Solidus will help make the network more robust and easier to integrate. Confirmation Height, dynamic Proof-of-work, and a default prefix change from xrb_ to nano_ are just some of the new additions users can expect with Solidus.

If you haven’t had a chance to catch up with all of the features included in the planned release, then read our recent feature analysis which outlines all the notable changes in Solidus.

As always, we want to thank all of our beta testers in advance for their role in testing this important release. We also invite users who wish to support development to contribute to the beta testing of Solidus — All the information you need to start putting Solidus through its paces can be found here.

NANO Faucet — Network Visualizer

Nano is built on a unique Block Lattice data-structure that is fundamentally different from traditional blockchains. To aid understanding, a new network visualizer has been created for the community courtesy of u/sraymansmoles. The new tool allows the user to view sends, receives, and can be found on the Nano Faucet website.

The visualizer is customizable, fun to play with and for the curious, it is also linked to NanoCrawler for searching a particular block! We got some very interesting outcomes while playing with it! More detailed explanations of the way the data is represented can be found here.

Hats off to u/sraymansmoles for providing this service to the Nano community.

SomeNano Wordpress paywall plugin released

SomeNano took the stage this week showing off its impressive paywall utility. Operating as a Wordpress plugin, SomeNano allows site creators to create specific paywalls for articles on their website that can be paid for in Nano seamlessly on the site. No burdensome subscriptions or fuss, just an efficient implementation of Nano on display!

Reddit user u/pwlk also gave us a sneak peek of the new VANO light wallet being used with SomeNano in action! We love seeing the interaction between Nano creations in the real world.

Thank you u/pwlk for creating this exciting plugin.

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