Weekly Spotlight: Kitepay

An Upcoming Payment Processor for Nano

I know the community has seen some teasers for Kitepay, can you give us some details on the project and what you are trying to accomplish?

Kitepay simplifies accepting and processing payments for merchants by providing a reliable way to confirm payments for goods or services using multiple different currencies.

Our primary focus is on providing a clean, secure and elegant solution for merchants to take away the complexities of accepting cryptocurrencies. We also want to give security to the merchant by having them own all of the private keys for their cryptocurrency and never using a 3rd party escrow account.

The Kitepay module is an all-in-one solution for merchants to accept payment, through services such as Stripe and Coinbase, as well as systems for individual cryptocurrencies, implemented into their existing web portals.

Finally, the Kitepay Payment Processor solution can be leveraged by Point of Sales systems to confirm that payment without having to add to the complexities of their system.

How can a merchant accept Nano using Kitepay?

Kitepay provides an easy to use module creator that allows merchants to create a personalized, all-in-one payment solution. Just enable your preferred payments and follow the step-by-step module creator to generate your code. Once finished, copy it to your site, and you’re all set!

I love that you are focusing on maximizing the user experience and keeping it simple. Who is on the Kitepay team?

Our team consists of mostly Nano community members whom you may recognize from their involvement in other projects:

That’s quite the team, many of these projects have been spotlighted previously (see the bottom of the page!). What is the timeline for the first version to be released?

While the team is working on a defined roadmap, our goal is to have a working dashboard and enable merchants to accept Nano by the end of November.

There will be a closed beta for select merchants to get feedback on improvements, test features and get us ready for a feature launch for the public.

What sets Kitepay apart from other payment processors?

At Kitepay we believe that accepting money should be easy. Everything we design has the merchant in mind and is specifically catered to making their life easier.

Kitepay focuses on making integration simple. Our module creator allows a merchant to create a beautiful payment module that is easy to customize and insert into their already existing software.

We are also working with other Point of Sales systems to handle processing of payments on the back end. When a merchant uses Kitepay through a point of sales system, they get all the benefits of the POS terminal with the reliability and dashboard functionality of Kitepay.

Finally, Kitepay never controls the private keys of any cryptocurrency wallets. The Kitepay processor generates a random seed for the merchant and never stores this server side. We use an innovative validation system that confirms that payments were made to the vendor while avoiding having to use an escrow account. Using this method, the money for a purchase goes directly from consumer to merchant with no intermediary.

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