Weekly Spotlight: NanoCashier

Payment Processor and NanoChina

Hi everyone,

For this week’s spotlight, I talked with someone who many of you are probably not familiar with, but who is playing an active role in the growth of Nano. Huang Shao, better known as JellyBool, has become a fixture within Nano’s growing Chinese community. I was lucky to be able to chat with him about his payment processor, NanoCashier, as well as some of the ongoing projects in China.

Troy: Thanks for being here! Could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your project?

Huang: My name is Huang Shao, on the internet, I’ve always used the moniker JellyBool. I have 4 years experience as a backend developer and a deep interest in cryptocurrency. NanoCashier was developed as a payment processor explicitly for Nano. The primary goal is to provide a simple, fast and easily accessible service for merchants who want to accept Nano online.

One of the project’s goals is to have a robust ecosystem built around Nano, how does your payment processor differ from other current examples? And are there any features you are currently working on?

NanoCashier provides Instant Payment Notifications like many of the most popular fiat payment processors, such as Stripe and Paypal. Kubernetes architecture and queue clustering are used for the backend, which makes our service very responsive and processes payments near-instantly.
We are focusing on three new things for NanoCashier right now:
-Our JS library is under development and should be released soon which will enable merchants to accept Nano with only two lines of code.
-Setting up Alipay payouts. Merchants in HongKong and Thailand can accept fiat payout through Alipay every two weeks.
-We have applied to form a company using Stripe Atlas. If accepted, we could begin developing Shopify plugins.

You are based in China and are very active in the Asian community, can you let us know how things are going over there?

To be honest, few people in China know the specifics of Nano, they only recognize it as an altcoin like others. This gives Nano massive potential for growth.
I am personally a big fan of Nano, you can usually find me in either the Telegram or WeChat groups set up for Chinese users. Each Nano weekly update along with relevant news is translated and posted in Nano’s Wechat channel, allowing us to stay up to date on development.The Chinese community has been consistently adding users, but it’s essential we focus on increasing the growth rate.
Recently, SNC, a well-known cryptocurrency analysis agency in China, along with the China Electronic Information Industry Development, have evaluated the project and ranked Nano against other coins, so Nano is on their radar. Now it is up to us to grow the community and expand the user base.

What are some of the projects that you and others in the Chinese community are working on to grow Nano?

There are several projects being developed with the goal of creating a foundation and eco-system similar to that of the English-speaking Nano community.
A Nano faucet website for Chinese speakers has been created, giving users easy access to Nano and allowing them to experience its speed.
The Chinese community has begun working on a NanoChina Forum project to bring Nano to more people. The goal is to create a site similar to ethfans.org, where all media, tutorials, videos introduction, and discussions about Nano are gathered in one place.
Nano representative nodes for NanoChina are a work in progress. We want to make sure Nano transactions are fast and convenient without the Great Fire Wall interfering.
Most importantly, the Chinese Nano community is very open, kind and excited to introduce Nano to new users. We definitely see a bright future for Nano.

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