Weekly Update 11/29/19

Graham Cull
Nov 29 · 3 min read

The Nano community this week saw Magnum Wallet integrate Nano, Booking.com integrates Nano via Travala, GQ.com discuss Nano, and a podcast from the NanoGhana project. We also share some more details of the recent re-delegation of the Nano Foundation Development Fund voting weight.

Magnum Wallet Integrates Nano

The Nano wallet ecosystem was bolstered this week with an important addition to the long-running Magnum multi-currency Wallet. With Ledger Nano hardware support, representative delegation, and in-wallet swaps, the popular web-wallet has all the features needed to become a go-to choice for Nano users.

Welcoming Nano with open arms, Magnum is also seeking to support the network with the launch of their very own Representative node. Users can opt to delegate their voting weight to the Magnum rep, who hope to help secure the network by reaching Principal Representative status.

We’re excited to have Magnum join the Nano family of wallets and services.

Travala adds Booking.com integration

In a strategic partnership with Booking.com, Travala announced this week that its users can now enjoy paying with Nano for over 2,000,000 hotels and accommodations worldwide, in addition to the already extensive selection of over 90,000 destinations in over 230 countries worldwide already on offer.

Travala has supported Nano natively since early 2019 and has played an important part in providing real-world utility for Nano as a digital currency.

Recap of Development Fund Delegation

Earlier this month, we made some organizational changes to the way they Nano Foundation Development Fund is stored and selected some non-foundation Principal representatives to receive a share of the accompanying voting weight.

The Nano Foundation Project Manager Zach Hyatt recently provided a detailed breakdown of the reasons for the move and the considerations involved in the rep selection on the new Nano forum.

NanoGhana Inaugural Podcast

This Tuesday, NanoGhana released the first in a regular series of podcasts dedicated to the latest Nano news, events, and discussion around the African cryptocurrency space. Episode one featured an interview with Adeleke Abdullahi from Hypercash Solution and Exchange, an African money service and cryptocurrency exchange, and spoke on the potential of Nano in Ghana for payments and remittances.

The NanoGhana project is dedicated to spreading awareness and the adoption of Nano to the communities in Ghana by way of education and advocacy. Recently they released a video of project members pitching Nano as a potential payment method.

Nano Discussed in GQ Article

Nano received some mainstream attention this week after an appearance in a recent feature article on GQ.com. Titled “Cryptocurrency Will Not Die,” the piece details the story of Brian and Derek and their journey with cryptocurrency and Nano.

Chronicling their experiences with cryptocurrency, including their discovery of Nano and the technological superiority which appealed to them, the article highlights the increased need for consumer protection through education and that regulation of exchanges and services is of paramount importance.

We won’t spoil all of the details; you can read the article here.

Any links to third party products, services or sites are for informational purposes only and are not an endorsement of the same. Nano Foundation disclaims any and all liability for the acts, omissions and conduct of any such third parties, and for the operation, accuracy, legality and content of their products, services or site. Any questions regarding third-party material should be directed to that party.


The best place for all of the latest Nano updates, developments and interviews. Brought to you by the Nano Foundation.

Graham Cull

Written by

Communications Coordinator for the Nano Foundation, and writer for #Nanocurrency



The best place for all of the latest Nano updates, developments and interviews. Brought to you by the Nano Foundation.

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